Alexander Melville and Margaret Graham

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Descendants of Alexander Melville of Crislich


1.  Alexander Melville, b. ABT 1785.

      Tenant farmer at Crislich, Foich and Coppernusgach from1810 to c1817. Was paying rent of £52 prior to 1813, had to give £60 to obtain in 1813  and was paying £60 in1815 according to Sutherland Estate Papers.  Left/removed from Crislich sometime in or after 1817, was reported to have gone to Dundee and later given as Merchant possibly in Edinburgh.  Deceased in 1859 at time of marriage of his son, John.  It is possible that Alexander was the son of John Melville and  Helen MacDonald though there are more distant possibilities. This would make him a brother to John Melville who  married Mary Sutherland.  This family relationship is likely as  Alexander's grandson. Adam Graham Melville, married two sisters given  as his 'cousins' german'.  The only possible two sisters are the  children of John Melville and Roberta Pope and the grandchildren of  John Melville and Mary Sutherland.  The 'cousins' would have been  second cousins but might still have been described as 'cousins german'  since they came together directly through the male line.


     He married Margaret Graham, b. ABT 1785.

     Margaret:  Deceased in 1859.



            2.       i.     William Melville b. 29 Dec 1816.

            3.       ii.   Margaret Melville b. 25 Jan 1810.

            4.       iii.  John Melville b. 15 Aug 1806.

            5.       iv.   Katherine Melville b. 18 Jan 1808.

            6.       v.    Jean Melville b. 16 Feb 1814.



Generation Two


2.  William Melville, b. 29 Dec 1816 in Crislich, Clyne, Sutherland, Scotland.

3.  Margaret Melville, b. 25 Jan 1810 in Crislich, Clyne, Sutherland, Scotland.

      Bpt. 28/6/1810.

4.  John Melville, b. 15 Aug 1806 in Doll, Clyne, Sutherland, Scotland, d. 2 Feb 1859 in 12 Calton Hill, Edinburgh.

      Resident 3A Carnegie Street, Edinburgh at time of marriage.  Brass Founder. Given on death certificate as Master Plumber. Died of  cancer of liver, kidney and glands.  Death reported by son-in-law,  George Street. Buried in Grange Cemetery, Edinburgh.  Plumber and  Brass Founder in firm of Melville and Hume.  Hume in name of son,  William Hume, probably after partner in business. At 5 High Terrace, Edinburgh in 1851 and 1856 to 1859 at 12 Calton Hill, Edinburgh.


     He married Agnes Lawson, 2 Oct 1829 in Relief Congregation, Roxburgh Pl., Edin., census 1861 in 41a Broughton Street, Edinburgh, Scotland, d. 28 May 1865 in 128 Causewayside, Edinburgh, Scotland.

     Agnes:  Resident at 1 Dalrymple Street, Edinburgh at time of marriage. Died of Consumption. Death reported by son, Alexander Melville. Buried plot1548 in Grange Cemetery, Edinburgh.



            7.       i.     Agnes Melville b. 10 Mar 1837.

            8.       ii.   James A. Melville b. ABT 1849.

            9.       iii.  John Melville b. 26 Sep 1840.

            10.     iv.   George Grey Melville b. 24 Nov 1835.

            11.     v.    Ebenezar Melville b. 9 Apr 1855.

            12.     vi.   Adam Graham Melville b. 12 Feb 1842.

            13.     vii. Henry C. Melville b. 1851.

            14.     viii.       William Hume Melville b. 24 Dec 1838.

            15.     ix.   Robert Hume Melville b. ABT 1845.

            16.     x.    Alexander Melville b. 14 Dec 1833.

            17.     xi.   Margaret Melville b. 23 Jul 1830.

            18.     xii. George Melville b. ABT 1847.


5.  Katherine Melville, b. 18 Jan 1808 in Clyne, Scotland.

      Exact place of birth not given in OPR.  Bapt. 24th Jan.

6.  Jean Melville, b. 16 Feb 1814.


Generation Three


7.  Agnes Melville, b. 10 Mar 1837 in 73 Rose St., Edinburgh, Scotland, d. 3 Feb 1869 in 47 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh, Scotland.

      Baptised in St George's Parish on 31st March 1837.  Father, John, given  as a Plumber.  Buried in Grange Cemetery plot I547. Buried in same plot  are Agnes Melville Aitken born c1880, died 19th May 1881 and Maria  Fraser Aitken, daughter of George Aitken, born c 1882, died 15th Jan.  1890.  Probably the grandchildren of Agnes.


     She married Alexander Thomson, b. ABT 1829, d. 9 Sep 1891 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

     Alexander:  Buried in Grange cemetery.  Died Morningside Asylum.



            19.     i.     Margaret Melville Thomson b. 10 Jun 1862.

            20.     ii.   Alexander Thomson b. 21 Feb 1860.

            21.     iii.  Ann Thomson b. 10 Jul 1865.

            22.     iv.   Isabella Thomson b. 14 Nov 1863.

            23.     v.    Jemima Thomson b. 22 Jun 1868.

            24.     vi.   John Melville Thomson b. 14 Oct 1866.


8.  James A. Melville, census 1861 in 41a Broughton Street, Edinburgh, Scotland, b. ABT 1849 in Edinburgh, Scotland, d. 29 May 1895 in Moray House College Edinburgh, Scotland.

      In index to 1851 census at 5 High Terrace, Edinburgh. Buried  Grange Cemetery and death information from stone. Also buried or remembered there on the stone James M. Barbour his grand-son and the son of George J. Scott - full name needs clarifying.  James M. Barbour  died 17th April 1906, aged 17 months.


     He married Agnes Aitchison Burnside, b. ABT 1840, d. 16 May 1907 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

     Agnes:  Buried Grange Cemetery.  Also buried or remembered there on the stone James M. Barbour, grand-son.



            25.     i.     James Andrew Melville b. 29 Sep 1873.

            26.     ii.   John Melville b. 20 Jan 1872.

            27.     iii.  Mary Melville b. ABT 1871.


9.  John Melville, census 1861 in 41a Broughton Street, Edinburgh, Scotland, b. 26 Sep 1840 in Edinburgh, Scotland, occupation Journalist, d. 2 May 1911 in Parkville, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

      In Victoria 47 years indicating that he arrived c1864. Died  at Receiving Home, Royal Park, Parkville of Rupture of the  Heart. Journalist according to death certificate.  Also given as Clerk  at times. Buried Melbourne General Cemetery - date of service 3rd  May 1911. At marriage to Ann Watts given as divorced in May 1873. May have been married three times or had one common law wife.


     He married (1) Mary Elder Anderson, b. ABT 1842.

     Mary:  Was this John's first wife? Was her maiden name Elder or Anderson or was she married twice.



            28.     i.     Robert Anderson Melville b. 5 Aug 1865.


     He married (2) Elizabeth Armstrong.

     Elizabeth:  Was this John's second wife or a common law wife?  Did he divorce fromher in 1873 or from Mary Elder?



            29.     ii.   Abigail Augusta Williams b. 1873.

            30.     iii.  Agnes Melville b. 25 Jun 1876.

            31.     iv.   Sarah Melville b. 29 Apr 1878.


     He married (3) Ann Watts, 15 Oct 1881 in Brunswick, Melbourne, Australia, b. ABT 1864 in Victoria.

     Ann:  Usual Address at marriage - Wannarbool, Victoria.



            32.     v.    Richard Leopold Melville b. 1884.

            33.     vi.   Charles Dickens Alexander Melville b. 1886.

            34.     vii. Annie Daisy Margaret Melville b. 1891.

            35.     viii.       John Allan Melville b. 1882.

            36.     ix.   John Graeme Melville b. 1900.


10.  George Grey Melville, b. 24 Nov 1835 in 73 Rose St., Edinburgh, Scotland.

        Baptised in St George's Parish on 4th January 1836.

11.  Ebenezar Melville, census 1861 in 41a Broughton Street, Edinburgh, Scotland, b. 9 Apr 1855 in Edinburgh, Scotland, occupation 1881 Plumber, census 1881 in 7 Spence's Place, Edinburgh, Scotland.

        Wife's name Annie but ms unknown.


       He married Annie Melville.

       Annie:  MS unknown.


12.  Adam Graham Melville, b. 12 Feb 1842 in 11 South Canal St., Edinburgh, Scotland, occupation Bookseller, d. 24 May 1921 in St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia.

        Married two sisters, Isabella and Mary Melville and had seven children  in all. First to Isabella and rest to Mary.  Married Mary in Adelaide.  G-son of Alexander Melville & Margaret Graham who were cleared from  Crislich, Clyne about 1815-20. They were last reported as going to  Dundee.  Bookseller/Publisher of Melbourne. Third marriage  recorded1901 - same year of death as 2nd wife. At birth in St Andrew's  Parish father given as a Plumber.


       He married (1) Mary Melville, 8 Jan 1872 in Adelaide, Australia, b. 8 Feb 1844 in Clyne, Sutherland, Scotland, census 1851 in Brora Village, Sutherland Scotland, d. 30 Sep 1901 in Royal Park, Melbourne, Australia.

       Mary:  Married Adam Graham Melville after death of her sister Isabella. Arrived Australia on 3rd Sept. 1863 on the 'Shackamaxon' with brother,  Alexander.  Died at 274 The Avenue, Royal Park of unaemic convulsions  and exhaustion.  Three years in NSW and 36 years in Victoria.  Gave birth to son before marriage to Adam and conceived only five months after the death of her sister, Isabella, who was Adam's first wife. Deposit for journey to Australia paid by brother Hector.



            37.     i.     Bertha Melville b. 14 Sep 1874.

            38.     ii.   Charles Edward Melville b. 2 Nov 1877.

            39.     iii.  David Graham Melville b. 22 Dec 1871.

            40.     iv.   William Alexander Melville b. 2 Aug 1876.

            41.     v.    Isabel Agnes Melville b. 1873.

            42.     vi.   Adam Gib Melville b. 1 Feb 1880.


       He married (2) Elizabeth McKenney, 28 Oct 1901 in Hyde St., Footscray, Melbourne, Australia, b. 1861 in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia, occupation Companion.

       Elizabeth:  1st of six children.  Occupation at marriage given as Companion. Widow at marriage to Adam G. Melville.  Address given as 39 Lisson Street, Hawthorn and Adam's as 274 Park Road, Royal Park. Civil marriage to Adam in 1901 and Church of England wedding in 1902.



       He married (3) Isabella Melville, 10 Apr 1860 in Edinburgh, Scotland, b. 24 Nov 1837 in Loth, Sutherland, Scotland, census 1841 in Brora Village, Brora, Sutherland, Scotland, d. 2 Oct 1870 in Carlton, Melbourne, Australia, census 1851 in Brora Village, Sutherland Scotland.

       Isabella:  Isabella's sister, Mary, also married Adam Graham Melville. Isabella and Adam went to Australia 1861. She died at 21  Elgin Street, Carlton, Melbourne of an abscess of the lung and  exhaustion. Nine and a half years in Victoria and age given as 30  though, in fact, she was actually nearly 33. Buried Melbourne General  Cemetery - date of service 3rd Oct. 1870.



            43.     vii. John Melville b. 1863.


13.  Henry C. Melville, census 1861 in 41a Broughton Street, Edinburgh, Scotland, b. 1851 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

        In index to 1851 census at 5 High Terrace, Edinburgh.

14.  William Hume Melville, b. 24 Dec 1838 in Edinburgh.

15.  Robert Hume Melville, census 1861 in 41a Broughton Street, Edinburgh, Scotland, b. ABT 1845 in Edinburgh, Scotland, d. 1 Jul 1870 in 47 Great King St., Edinburgh, Scotland.

        In index to 1851 census at 5 High Terrace, Edinburgh - a street  above the north side of Leith Street.  Buried in Grange Cemetery and on  the stone he is called the seventh son of John and Agnes.  Died  of Consumption. Did family go to USA and return due to Robert's  illness. Daughter born in USA about one year before his death .


       He married Elizabeth Bishop Wood, b. ABT 1845 in Granton, Edinburgh, Scotland, census 1881 in 57 George Street, Edinburgh, Scotland, occupation Corset and Dressmaker.

       Elizabeth:  Living at 56 George Street, Granton, Edinburgh in 1881 with daughter Agnes L. Melville and Domestic Servant, Jane Dawson. Corset and Dressmaker.



            44.     i.     Agnes L. Melville b. ABT 1869.

            45.     ii.   Isabella Wood Melville b. ABT 1866.

            46.     iii.  Roberta Margaret Melville b. 17 Jan 1871.


16.  Alexander Melville, b. 14 Dec 1833 in Edinburgh, Scotland, occupation Plumber.

        Born in Parish of South Leith and Baptised there 5th January  1834. Father a Plumber.  Recorded the death of his mother, Agnes  Lawson. Plumber's Apprentice in 1851.

17.  Margaret Melville, b. 23 Jul 1830 in Edinburgh, Scotland, d. 7 Nov 1871 in 7 St. Patrick's Qu., Edinburgh, Scotland.

        Born New Grey Friar's Parish.  Father's occupation given as  Plumber. Buried Grange Cemetery.  Stone very badly worn.


       She married George Street, 9 May 1852 in Edinburgh, occupation Cabinetmaker.

       George:  Married Edinburgh Parish.  George's marriage date given on fiche as 5th  May and on birth certificates of children as 26th May. Occupations given variously as Joiner, Cabinetmaker and Auctioneer. 1881 census - Scriven Cottage, Eliza Villa Road, Edinburgh - Auctioneer  and Valuator.




            47.     i.     John Street b. ABT 1852.

            48.     ii.   Susan Street b. 29 Aug 1857.

            49.     iii.  Robert Street.

            50.     iv.   George Melville Street b. 16 Apr 1859.

            51.     v.    Flora Matilda Street b. ABT 1880.

            52.     vi.   Maggie Street b. 13 Jan 1865.

            53.     vii. Alexander Alfred Street b. 18 Oct 1862.

            54.     viii.       Agnes Street.

            55.     ix.   James George Street b. 13 Apr 1868.

            56.     x.    George Street b. 28 May 1871.

            57.     xi.   Alfred Alexander Street b. 5 Jan 1861.

            58.     xii. Adam Street.


18.  George Melville, b. ABT 1847 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

        In index to 1851 census at 5 High Terrace, Edinburgh.


Generation Four


19.  Margaret Melville Thomson, b. 10 Jun 1862 in Edinburgh, Scotland, occupation Milliner.

        1881 census - 14 General's Entry, Bucceuch, Edinburgh - Milliner.

20.  Alexander Thomson, b. 21 Feb 1860 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

21.  Ann Thomson, b. 10 Jul 1865 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

22.  Isabella Thomson, b. 14 Nov 1863 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

23.  Jemima Thomson, b. 22 Jun 1868 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

        1881 census - 29 High street, Hawick - with grandmother.

24.  John Melville Thomson, b. 14 Oct 1866 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

25.  James Andrew Melville, b. 29 Sep 1873 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

26.  John Melville, b. 20 Jan 1872 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

27.  Mary Melville, b. ABT 1871 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

        1881 census - 2 Jordan Lane, Edinburgh.

28.  Robert Anderson Melville, b. 5 Aug 1865 in Faraday St., Carlton, Melbourne, Aust., d. 25 Mar 1866.

29.  Abigail Augusta Williams, b. 1873, d. 9 Jul 1892 in East Brunswick, Melbourne, Australia.

        John Melville's daughter.  Father at death given as Ludwig ? deceased. Informant - John Williams, Husband of Railway Street, N. Melbourne. Sudden death - no inquest required by coroner.


       She married John Williams.



            59.     i.     Dorothy Jean Williams.


30.  Agnes Melville, b. 25 Jun 1876 in Reily Street, Carlton, Melbourne, d. 6 Jan 1877.

31.  Sarah Melville, b. 29 Apr 1878 in Carlton, Melbourne, Australia, d. 29 Apr 1878 in Carlton, Melbourne, Australia.

32.  Richard Leopold Melville, b. 1884 in Brunswick, Melbourne, Australia.


       He married Johanna Theresa Quinn, 1914.


33.  Charles Dickens Alexander Melville, b. 1886 in Brunswick, Melbourne, Australia, occupation Bank Manager, d. 10 Jul 1948 in Grafton, NSW, Australia.

        Known as Dick. Worked for the Bank of New South Wales. Bank Manager his first bank managership being at Rawene, Hokianga, New Zealand. Died Victoria Street, Grafton.  Buried 12th July 1948 at Grafton Cemetery. Informant - R.L. Melville (son) of 123  Cambridge Road, Stanmore, Sydney. Death details from NSW Probate Index.  Had an unnamed female child, deceased by 1948 but not known by which marriage.


       An email note supplied by Marie Collins:

       Charles Dickens Alexander Melville (Dick).  He began employment with the Bank of New South Wales in July 1902.  After working at a number of bank branches he was transferred on 8 April 1908 to Wellington NZ as ledger keeper.  This must have been a temporary position as on 18 May 1908 he was transferred to Dunedin as ledger keeper.  This would have been where he met Evangeline whose family had moved there from Creswick, Victoria, in about 1902.  On 6 March 1909 Dick Melville was moved to Christchurch as teller.  From there to Auckland on 6 June 1918, then to Rawene North New Zealand on 27 July 1920 as Manager.  On 10 February 1930 he was moved back to Australia as Manager at the Tallangatta Bank in Victoria.  From there he was successively a bank Manager at Hay, Singleton, Tenterfield, and lastly at Grafton where he died on 10 July 1948.  Dick was going to hospital to have cataracts removed when he had a heart attack and died.  I have all this information from Westpac Bank’s (previously BNSW) personnel records.


       He married (1) Jean Campbell, 27 Jul 1921 in Remuera, Auckland, New Zealand, b. 31 Mar 1882 in Manaia, Taranaki, New Zealand, d. 18 Dec 1962 in Mapiu, King Country, New Zealand.

       Jean:  Known as Jessie. Died at residence of daughter.



            60.     i.     Richard Leopold Campbell Melville b. 3 May 1925.

            61.     ii.   Jessie Ann Melville b. 12 Jul 1924.


       He married (2) Evangeline Simons, 26 May 1909 in Christchurch, New Zealand, d. 15 Oct 1917 in Christchurch, New Zealand.



            62.     iii.  John Richard Watts Melville b. 17 Mar 1917.

            63.     iv.   Elizabeth Ann (Nancy) Melville b. 16 Nov 1909.


34.  Annie Daisy Margaret Melville, b. 1891 in Carlton North, Melbourne, Australia.

        In 1912, a daisy Annie Margaret Melville married John William Vance.


       She married John William Vance, 1910.


35.  John Allan Melville, b. 1882 in Brunswick, Melbourne, Australia, d. 1882 in Brunswick, Melbourne, Australia.

        Buried Melbourne General Cemetery aged 2 months - date of service 29th Nov. 1882.

36.  John Graeme Melville, b. 1900 in Carlton North, Melbourne, Australia.

37.  Bertha Melville, b. 14 Sep 1874 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, d. 1945 in East Malvern, Melbourne, Australia.


38.  Charles Edward Melville, b. 2 Nov 1877 in Carlton, Melbourne, Australia, occupation Ins. Manager, d. 10 Aug 1937 in Melbourne, Australia.

        Interred at Fawkner Crematorium and Memorial Park, Melbourne after  a service on 11th August 1937, aged 59 years. Insurance Manager  with Colonial Mutual.


       He married Ilma Dorothy Knott, 29 Jul 1902 in Carlton, Melbourne, Australia, b. 1879 in Brunswick, Melbourne, Australia, d. 1961 in Parkville, Melbourne, Australia.

       Ilma:  Interred at Fawkner Crematorium and Memorial Park, Melbourne after a service on  28th August 1961, aged 82 years.



            64.     i.     Charles Bernays Melville b. 29 Apr 1903.

            65.     ii.   Betty Knott Melville b. 18 Apr 1914.

            66.     iii.  Ilma Dorothy Melville b. 8 Sep 1910.


39.  David Graham Melville, b. 22 Dec 1871 in Adelaide, Australia, d. 28 Feb 1918 in Caulfield, Melbourne, Australia.

        Private in 14th Battalion Australian Infantry, A.I.F. Probably  buried in Brighton General Cemetery, Victoria.


       He married Frances Christian Weatherston, 1901 in Rokeby, Macquarie River, Tasmania, b. 1871 in Sandhurst, Melbourne, Australia, d. 1930 in East Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia.



            67.     i.     Graeme Adam William Melville b. 1907.

            68.     ii.   Mary Frances Melville b. 1903.


40.  William Alexander Melville, b. 2 Aug 1876 in Carlton, Victoria, Australia, d. 1946 in Geelong, Victoria, Australia.

        May have married a Margaret D. Johnston at Carlton in 1904 and they may have had a son, William, born in 1910 in Hawthorn.


       He married Margaret Dick Johnston, 1904 in Hawthron, Melbourne, Australia, b. 1879 in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia, d. 1953 in Coburg, Melbourne, Australia.

       Margaret:  Interred at Fawkner Crematorium and Memorial Park, Melbourne after aservice on 13th June 1953, aged 73 years.



            69.     i.     Ian Melville b. 1913.

            70.     ii.   William James Edward Melville b. 1910.

            71.     iii.  Margery Dick Melville b. 13 Nov 1904.


41.  Isabel Agnes Melville, b. 1873 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, d. 8 Sep 1917 in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia.

        Died in Hospital for the Insane, Wendouree, County of Grenville,  near Ballarat in Victoria.  Cause of death exhaustion. Buried Ballarat  New Cemetery.


       She married John Melville Leslie, 21 Aug 1890, b. 1866 in Brunswick, Victoria, Australia, occupation Clerk, d. 1937 in Melbourne, Australia.

       John:  Clerk.



            72.     i.     Hector Melville Leslie b. 28 Jun 1893.

            73.     ii.   Adam Melville Leslie b. 23 Jan 1892.


42.  Adam Gib Melville, b. 1 Feb 1880 in Northcote, Victoria, Australia, d. JAN 1940 in Royal Park, Melbourne, Australia.

        Given on birth certificate as Adam Gib but on some certs. as Adam Graham.  Insurance Manager.  At marriage address given as Upper Pitt Street,  Sydney. Trade Directory information ;- 1906 - Acting Secretary,  Ordinary Branch, Standard Life Association Ltd., 28 Elizabeth Street,  Sydney.  1907 -Secretary. 1908/9/10 Manager.  1915 -Sub-Manager with  Colonial Mutual Life Assurance Society.  1920 Secretary Colonial Life  and living in Sydney.  By 1924 Managing Director Australian Group &  General Assur. Co.


       He married Helena Mary Bell, 25 Aug 1908 in Neutral Bay, Sydney, Australia, b. 1878 in Prahran, Melbourne, Australia, d. 23 Mar 1958 in Woollahra, NSW, Sydney, Australia.

       Helena:  At marriage from Malvern, Victoria.  Died at her residence 204 Queen Street, Woollahra.  Privately cremated on 25 March 1958.



            74.     i.     Jean May Melville b. 1913.

            75.     ii.   Adam Chester Graham Melville b. 4 Aug 1910.

            76.     iii.  Thomas Graham Melville b. 1909.


43.  John Melville, b. 1863 in Carlton, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, d. 1863 in Carlton, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

        Buried Melbourne General Cemetery - date of service 3rd January 1863.

44.  Agnes L. Melville, b. ABT 1869 in Memphis, Tennessee, USA, census 1881 in 56 George Street, Edinburgh, Scotland.

45.  Isabella Wood Melville, b. ABT 1866, d. 13 Mar 1872 in 49 Great King St., Edinburgh, Scotland.

        Address at death different from that of sister but in same street.

46.  Roberta Margaret Melville, b. 17 Jan 1871 in Edinburgh, Scotland, d. 22 Jan 1872 in 47 Great King St., Edinburgh, Scotland.

        Died of Bronchitis.  Address at death different from that of sister but  in same street.

47.  John Street, b. ABT 1852 in Edinburgh,  Scotland, d. 21 Jan 1868 in 41 Lothian Street, Edinburgh, Scotland.

        Died of Fever.

48.  Susan Street, b. 29 Aug 1857 in 6 Brighton St., Edinburgh, Scotland.

        Father given as Master Joiner at time of her birth.

49.  Robert Street.

        Died in infancy.

50.  George Melville Street, b. 16 Apr 1859 in Edinburgh, Scotland, d. 19 Jan 1868 in 41 Lothian St., Edinburgh, Scotland.

        Died of Fever.

51.  Flora Matilda Street, b. ABT 1880 in Edinburgh, Scotland, d. 24 May 1882 in 34 Clerk St., Edinburgh, Scotland.

52.  Maggie Street, b. 13 Jan 1865 in George IV Bridge, Edinburgh, Scotland, d. 25 Apr 1865 in 17 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh, Scotland.

        Father given as an Auctioneer.  Died of Measles. Registered at birth as  Maggie and at death as Margaret.

53.  Alexander Alfred Street, b. 18 Oct 1862 in 47 Hanover St., Edinburgh, Scotland, occupation Upholsterer.

        Father's occupation given as Auctioneer. 1881 census - 129 Ferry Road, Edinburgh - Upholsterer.

54.  Agnes Street.

        Died in infancy.

55.  James George Street, b. 13 Apr 1868 in Ray Keillor St., Edinburgh, Scotland, d. 10 Jul 1870 in Sunnyside, Lasswade, Edinburgh, Scotland.

        Father's occupation given as Auctioneer.

56.  George Street, b. 28 May 1871 in 3 Windmill St., Edinburgh, Scotland, d. 28 May 1871 in 3 Windmill St., Edinburgh, Scotland.

        Cause of death was Prematurity.  Lived 4 hours. Father's occupation given as Auctioneer.

57.  Alfred Alexander Street, b. 5 Jan 1861 in 47 Hanover St., Edinburgh, Scotland, d. 29 Sep 1861 in 47 N. Hanover St., Edinburgh, Scotland.

        Died of Cholera Infantum.  Father given as Master Cabinetmaker. Born and Died in Parish of St Andrew's.

58.  Adam Street.

        Died in infancy.


Generation Five


59.  Dorothy Jean Williams.

60.  Richard Leopold Campbell Melville, b. 3 May 1925 in Rawene, Hokianga, New Zealand.

        Known as Leo.


       He married Betty Davies.

       Betty:  Betty of Sydney.  Engagement in the 'Sydney Morning herald' of 26thMay  1949.



            77.     i.     Son Melville (details excluded).


61.  Jessie Ann Melville, b. 12 Jul 1924 in Remuera, Auckland, New Zealand.


       She married Ernest Brake.


62.  John Richard Watts Melville, b. 17 Mar 1917 in Christchurch, New Zealand, d. 8 Jul 1945 in Borneo.

        Killed in WW2 - buried Lubuan War Cemetery, Malaysia.


       He married Clarice Elsie Ryder, 1 Mar 1941 in Ashfield, NSW, Australia, occupation Typist.

       Clarice:  Typist. Resident at marriage - Croydon, Sydney. At death of husband resident Croydon, NSW, Australia.



            78.     i.     Roslyn Melville.


63.  Elizabeth Ann (Nancy) Melville, b. 16 Nov 1909 in Christchurch, New Zealand, d. 29 Mar 1990 in Auckland, New Zealand.


       She married ? Chiplin.



            79.     i.     Marie Chiplin.


64.  Charles Bernays Melville, b. 29 Apr 1903 in Northcote, occupation Surgeon, d. 6 Jul 1978.

        Deceased.  Formerly of 2 Collins Street, Melbourne 3000. A Surgeon.


       He married Jean Phyllis Cooper, 1 Dec 1928 in Melbourne, Australia.



            80.     i.     Annemarie Melville b. 17 Sep 1936.

            81.     ii.   Adam Melville.


65.  Betty Knott Melville, b. 18 Apr 1914 in Brunswick, Melbourne, Australia, d. 20 Oct 1956.

        Married the brother of actor Basil Rathbone.


       She married Denis Rathbone, 13 Nov 1937.

       Denis:  Cousin of actor Basil Rathbone.



            82.     i.     Charles James Lyle Rathbone b. 1936.


66.  Ilma Dorothy Melville, b. 8 Sep 1910 in Coburg, Melbourne, Australia, d. 19 Oct 1910 in Coburg, Melbourne, Australia.

67.  Graeme Adam William Melville, b. 1907 in Carlton, Victoria, Australia, d. 21 Aug 1965 in Preston, Melbourne, Australia.

        Interred at Fawkner Crematorium and Memorial Park, Melbourne after aservice on 24th  August 1965, aged 58 years.


       He married Lucia ??.


68.  Mary Frances Melville, b. 1903 in Coburg, Melbourne, Australia.


       She married Harry Stanley Stillwell, 1929, b. ABT 1887, d. 1968 in Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia.

       Harry:  Died in 1968 aged 82 years giving the estimated birth date.


69.  Ian Melville, b. 1913 in Mordialloc, Australia.


       He married Thelma O'Brien.



            83.     i.     Helen Melville.


70.  William James Edward Melville, b. 1910 in Hawthorn, Melbourne, Australia, d. 1946 in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia.


       He married Eva Elizabeth May Spiers, 1937 in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia, d. 1944 in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia.



            84.     i.     Michael Melville.

            85.     ii.   William Melville.

            86.     iii.  Peter Melville.


71.  Margery Dick Melville, b. 13 Nov 1904 in Hawthorn, Melbourne, Australia, d. 26 Dec 1984.


72.  Hector Melville Leslie, b. 28 Jun 1893 in Williamstown, Victoria, Australia, occupation Farm Hand, d. 29 Jul 1962 in Moorabbin, Australia.

        Farm Hand.  Enlisted as Driver September 1914 in Australian  Imperial Force 14th Battalion, A Company.  Gained Croix de Guerre  (France). Gunner in war. Returned Australia November 1918 after service  in Egypt, Gallipoli and Western Front. Also awarded British War Medal and Victory Medal. Served in Australian Pay Corps 1940-1946. Buried Old Numurkah Cemetery, Victoria.


       He married Mona Belle Trotter, 24 Feb 1926 in Warricknebeal, Victoria, Australia, b. 1909 in Hopetoun, Victoria.



            87.     i.     Donald Melville Leslie b. 1935.

            88.     ii.   Ronald Hector Leslie b. 1927.

            89.     iii.  Eileen Mae Leslie b. 31 Oct 1930.

            90.     iv.   Peter Gordon Leslie b. 1940.

            91.     v.    Judith Leslie b. 1937.

            92.     vi.   John Robert Leslie b. ABT 1932.

            93.     vii. Lorna June Leslie b. 11 Jul 1928.


73.  Adam Melville Leslie, b. 23 Jan 1892 in Carlton North, Melbourne, Australia, d. 5 May 1892 in Carlton North, Melbourne, Australia.

        Buried Melbourne General Cemetery aged 3 months - date of service 6th May  1892. Informant of birth - J.M. Leslie, Father, Hope Street, Spottswoode. Informant of death - J.M. Leslie, Father, Commercial Bank, Spottswoode.

74.  Jean May Melville, b. 1913 in Melbourne, Australia.

        Known as Joan according to brother's death notice.


       She married Conrad Blakemore.


75.  Adam Chester Graham Melville, b. 4 Aug 1910, d. JAN 1999.


       He married (1) Ethel Myall, 1935.

       Ethel:  Divorced 1946.



            94.     i.     William Barclay Chester Melville b. 1935.


       He married (2) Katherine O'Connor, 1948 in Sydney, Australia.

       Katherine:  Second wife. Known as Kitty.  Divorced 1965.



            95.     ii.   Neil Graham Melville (details excluded).


76.  Thomas Graham Melville, b. 1909 in Mosman, Sydney, Australia, d. 29 Jul 1960 in Sydney, Australia.

        Residence at death - 32 Henry Street, Waverly, Sydney. Unmarried.


Generation Six


77.  Son Melville (details excluded).

78.  Roslyn Melville.

        Engagement to Christer Erikson of Stockholm, Sweden announced in'Sydney Morning Herald' on 16th April 1966.

79.  Marie Chiplin.


       She married ? Collins.


80.  Annemarie Melville, b. 17 Sep 1936.


       She married Henry Greig Foletta, 17 Jun 1963.



            96.     i.     Victoria Caitlin Foletta (details excluded).

            97.     ii.   Charles Melville Foletta (details excluded).


81.  Adam Melville, b. in Rokeby, Macquarie River, Tasmania.

        Married his cousin.


       He married Christina Leslie.

       Christina:  Married her cousin.


82.  Charles James Lyle Rathbone, b. 1936.

83.  Helen Melville.


       She married ?? Abercrombie.



            98.     i.     Debra Abercrombie.

            99.     ii.   Mark Abercrombie.

            100.   iii.  Stephen Abercrombie.


84.  Michael Melville.

85.  William Melville.

86.  Peter Melville.

        Noted as being adopted by Gwen Speirs.

87.  Donald Melville Leslie, b. 1935, d. 22 Mar 1936 in Carlton, Melbourne, Australia.

88.  Ronald Hector Leslie, b. 1927, d. 14 May 1927 in Warracknabeal, Victoria, Australia.

89.  Eileen Mae Leslie, b. 31 Oct 1930, d. 7 Oct 1971.


       She married Colin James Dunn, ABT 1948.



            101.   i.     Neil Dunn (details excluded).

            102.   ii.   Peter Dunn (details excluded).

            103.   iii.  Jeanette Dunn (details excluded).

            104.   iv.   Wendy Dunn (details excluded).

            105.   v.    Colin James Dunn (details excluded).


90.  Peter Gordon Leslie, b. 1940.


       He married Dorothy Leslie.

       Dorothy:  MS Unknown.



            106.   i.     David Leslie (details excluded).


91.  Judith Leslie, b. 1937.


       She married Alan Barker, b. 1933, d. 8 Mar 2009 in Hamilton, Victoria, Australia.

       Alan:  Buried 12th March in Glen Thomson, Victoria.  cause of death, cancer.



            107.   i.     Stephen Barker (details excluded).


92.  John Robert Leslie, b. ABT 1932, d. 25 Mar 1934 in Fairfield, Melbourne, Australia.

93.  Lorna June Leslie, b. 11 Jul 1928 in Carlton, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, d. 7 Oct 1996.


       She married Reginald Henry Barwick, 17 Nov 1946.



            108.   i.     Reginald Henry Barwick (details excluded).

            109.   ii.   Ian Leslie Barwick (details excluded).

            110.   iii.  Sheryl Joy Barwick (details excluded).


94.  William Barclay Chester Melville, b. 1935, d. JUL 1998.

95.  Neil Graham Melville (details excluded).


Generation Seven


96.  Victoria Caitlin Foletta (details excluded).

97.  Charles Melville Foletta (details excluded).

98.  Debra Abercrombie.

99.  Mark Abercrombie.

100.  Stephen Abercrombie.

101.  Neil Dunn (details excluded).

102.  Peter Dunn (details excluded).


         He married Lyn ?, (details excluded).



            111.   i.     Megan Francis Dunn (details excluded).

            112.   ii.   Lora Ellen Dunn (details excluded).

            113.   iii.  Amilla Stacey Dunn (details excluded).


103.  Jeanette Dunn (details excluded).


         She married Ros Duncan, (details excluded).



            114.   i.     Natasha Dunn (details excluded).

            115.   ii.   James Dunn (details excluded).


104.  Wendy Dunn (details excluded).


         She married Anthony O'Brien, (details excluded).



            116.   i.     Annie Reshell O'Brien (details excluded).

            117.   ii.   Sarah Elizabeth O'Brien (details excluded).

            118.   iii.  Richard Anthony O'Brien (details excluded).


105.  Colin James Dunn (details excluded).


         He married Sandra Ellen Edwards, (details excluded).



            119.   i.     Michelle Ellen Dunn (details excluded).

            120.   ii.   David James Dunn (details excluded).

            121.   iii.  Belinda Eileen Dunn (details excluded).


106.  David Leslie (details excluded).

107.  Stephen Barker (details excluded).

108.  Reginald Henry Barwick (details excluded).

109.  Ian Leslie Barwick (details excluded).


         He married Patricia Margaret Doughety, (details excluded).



            122.   i.     Julie Margaret Barwick (details excluded).

            123.   ii.   Ashley Robert Barwick (details excluded).


110.  Sheryl Joy Barwick (details excluded).


         She married Leslie James Sharp, (details excluded).



            124.   i.     Dennis James Sharp (details excluded).

            125.   ii.   Wayne Leslie Sharp (details excluded).

            126.   iii.  Rebecca Franceanne Sharp (details excluded).



Generation Eight


111.  Megan Francis Dunn (details excluded).

112.  Lora Ellen Dunn (details excluded).

113.  Amilla Stacey Dunn (details excluded).

114.  Natasha Dunn (details excluded).

115.  James Dunn (details excluded).

116.  Annie Reshell O'Brien (details excluded).

117.  Sarah Elizabeth O'Brien (details excluded).

118.  Richard Anthony O'Brien (details excluded).

119.  Michelle Ellen Dunn (details excluded).

120.  David James Dunn (details excluded).

121.  Belinda Eileen Dunn (details excluded).

122.  Julie Margaret Barwick (details excluded).


         She married David Johnstone, (details excluded).



            127.   i.     Gorgia Rose Johnstone (details excluded).

            128.   ii.   Samantha Johnstone (details excluded).

            129.   iii.  Will Johnstone (details excluded).


123.  Ashley Robert Barwick (details excluded).

124.  Dennis James Sharp (details excluded).

125.  Wayne Leslie Sharp (details excluded).

126.  Rebecca Franceanne Sharp (details excluded).


Generation Nine


127.  Gorgia Rose Johnstone (details excluded).

128.  Samantha Johnstone (details excluded).

129.  Will Johnstone (details excluded).