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The  Glavine families are difficult to follow and work out and the research has been protracted due to the size of the families and the lack of full information.  Also a further complication has been the number of people with the same name in each line of the family.  For instance, John, David, Thomas, Patrick, Mary, Anastasia and Matthew all appear more than once and in the case of some names they appear a number of times.  The Davids, in particular, at first created problems as the first three generations had at least seven closely related members of that name.  However, the branches eventually fell into place and I think that the final family lines are probably not too inaccurate though they may contain some omissions and minor errors.

Skipper Matt (Mattias Glavine) is the important one as far as my family research is concerned.  Born in 1834, he married Ann Davis and had six children. Two of those children married Lannons.  John married Margaret Lannon and, of course, grandmother Margaret Glavine married John Lannon.  The fact that the Lannons and Glavines lived in almost adjacent plots accounts in part for the linking of the families.  Matt lived to he ripe old age of 92 years and appears to have worked on up towards the time of his death.  In the census of 1921, at the age of 87, his occupation is given as fisherman.  At that time he was, in fact, still operating a canning plant for lobsters on his jetty in Glavines Cove.  My father tells me that they used to sneak into the canning area and help themselves to toes and claws when Grandfather Matt was not looking or otherwise engaged.