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Pope Descent from ? Pope

Generation One

1.  ? Pope .  It is recorded in church records that William, Thomas and Charles, the known sons of this individual, were all born in Ross-shire and that William was the eldest.

     It is said that a 'stranger' by the name of Pope, a churchman, landed in Cromarty Bay about the close of the 15th century.  It is claimed the Popes of Easter Ross and Sutherland are descended from this churchman.  The records of the Sutherland family of Dunrobin, as reported in the Hector Lithgow papers, indicate that all the Popes of Sutherland were from the same family.

     The name of the family was variously spelt as Pape, Paip, Peap andPope.  For the purpose of recording it will generally by given the Pope spelling. He marriedAgnes Reid .  Agnes: According to the Laing Manuscript at St Andrews University the  mother of William, Thomas and Charles Pope was Agnes Reid but further it gives the other named siblings of those three who came to Sutherland as Jerome Pope, James Pope, David Pope, Nans Pope, Janet Pope and Bessy Pope.  Agnes Reid's father is given as John Reid as is her grandfather while her grandmother is listed as Ellen Cockburn the daughter of Bishop Henry Cockburn and Bessy Gordon.


            2.       i.     Thomas Pope .

                      ii.    William Pope , d. BEF 1630 in Nigg, Ross-shire , Scotland .  William Pape, native of Ross-shire, was first noted as a Reader at Ardersier, in thecounty of Inverness-shire , in 1580.  The post indicated that he did not hold Holy Orders but it was a post frequently combined with other duties, such as being Schoolmaster. William matriculated at St. Andrew's University in 1583 and a graduate of St. Andrew's University in 1587. However, courses of study were not necessarily continuous in those times and he was, in fact, appointed Schoolmaster at Dornoch in 1585.   He became the parson there in 1588.  In 1599 further honour followed with his appointment, by King James, to the Chantry of the Diocese and he is later stated to have been appointed Chanter of Dornoch in 1602.  This was followed in1606 with his appointment as constant Moderator of the Presbytery. William Pape finished his career in the ministry and his life as Pastor of Nigg in Ross-shire.  The date of his removal to Nigg appears to have been about 1613. He married Cristine (Christian) Monypenny .

            3.       iii.   Charles Pope .

Generation Two

2.  Thomas Pope .  Chancellor of the Diocese of Caithness (1612) and was Minister at Rogart in 1590 and along with brother William was a member of the Assembly in Glasgow in 1610. The prebend of the church at Rogart was held by the Cathedral Chapter of Dornoch and dedicated to St Colin. Thomas transferred to the parish of Cullicudden in Ross-shire in 1614and was still in the ministry there in May 1634.

     Thomas, and his brother William, were grievously wounded in the Pope(Pape) riot in Dornoch Cemetery in 1607 and his brother Charles was killed.


            4.       i.     Charles Pope b. 1600.

3.  Charles Pope .  Charles Pape, the brother of William and Thomas Pape, was a Notary Public and Messenger at Arms. The records held by St Andrew's University notes that Charles was the brother of William and was from Meikle Reny.  There are a number of places with the name Meikle in Ross & Cromarty and identifying where Charles moved from to Dornoch has not been possible with any certainty.  The most likely is Meikle Rhynie to the east of Tain and in the area of Fearn Abbey.  Since there was clearly a strong religious settlement and tradition here before the reformation and even after 1560 the Abbey continued to be used as a church, Meikle Rhynie must be a strong contender for Charles former abode.  Black in his surnames of Scotland spells the name Rhynie as Ryny which is not a step too far from Reny.  Incidentally, A resident of Ross-shire when asked by me where Meikle Reny might be immediately said it was most likely Meikle Rhynie.

     Charles was given the Sheriff Clerkship and was the unfortunate family member killed in the Pope Riot described later.  Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae Volume 7 in the same section, on William Pope of Nigg, states that Charles from Meikle Reny was William Pope's brother and also tells of his death in the Pope Riot of Dornoch. This being the case it is most likely that Charles came from Meikle Reny to Dornoch.It is said that Charles was an affable individual and a merry conversationalist who was popular in the area. He married Margaret Gordon .  Margaret: Daughter of Alexander Gordon of Siddera as noted in the Pope Riot papers and by the tables of Sir Robert Gordon (d.1656)  Here it states Charles Pape portioner of Meklerany married Margaret Gordon and she secondly married Hutcheon Rosse of Kindease and that to both she had issue (children).  Alistair Gordon, researcher in the Gordon family and resident in London, says in 2007, that his late aunt showed at him marriage for Margaret Gordon to Hugh Ross of Resolis giving her source as I.S. vii.74 which is assumed to be Inverness sasines RS37/7/74.  The date might be about 1650.

     This information is probably correct - she married Hugh Ross and a Hugh or Thomas Ross according to the Calendar of Fearn in addition to Charle Pope.


                      i.     Gilbert Pope .  Burgess of Tain and served heir to his father of the lands of Meikle Rainey, Ross-shire 18.12.1629.  One account claims that the Reverend Hector Pope of Loth is the son of Gilbert while another gives Hectors father as Gilbert's cousin Charles Pope.

                      ii.    Barbara Pope .  Noted in the Pope Riot papers.

Generation Three

4.  Charles Pope , b. 1600 - 1610 in Ross-shire , Scotland , occupation Minister of Religion.  Minister of Religion.  Is either the Father or Uncle of Hector Pope ofLoth.   One account gives Hector's father as this Charles while another claims Hector to be the son of Gilbert, Burgess of Tain. He took up the charge of Cullicudden before 1638 as he is mentioned in Mackay's Dingwall Presbytery records as Clerk to the Presbytery in November 1638.  It is from this Charles Pope  of Cullicudden that Alexander Pope of Reay was descended and it is also stated that Alexander was a direct descendant, through Hector Pope of Loth, of William Pope (Pape). Since he is the direct ancestor of Alexander of Reay and Alexander was the son of Hector of Loth then the above relationship has to be as stated.  Charles Pope, said in Fasti, to be most probably the son of  Thomas Pope the previous minister of Cullicuden. Bearing in mind the various stated relationships then it is certainly most likely Charles was the son of Thomas - if not then he had to be the son of one of the other brothers William or Charles.


            5.       i.     Hector Pope b. ABT 1660.

Generation Four

5.  Hector Pope , b. ABT 1660, d. 15 Jan 1719.  Married firstly to someone Leith to who he had two children. Hector Pape, Minister at Loth, met along with others, at a diocesan synod in1682 and also in the following year. According to Fasti Church Records, Hector graduated MA at Marschal College , Aberdeen in 1672.This suggest a birth year of around 1650.  It is also said in Fasti that Hector of Loth was the last parish minister to appear in the pulpit clothed in a surplice.

     Death date according to a family gravestone in Loth Cemetery is 1740.However, the rental and arrears records for Cracaig, Loth for 1724-1727 lists Christian Dunbar, relict of Hector Peap.  This indicates Hector dead by this time.  Date of 1719 given in church records and is, as certain as one can be, correct. George Taylor, Writer inGolspie gives the date as between 3 Nov 1718 and 5 Mar 1719. Direct lineal descendant of Charles Pope and a descendant of William Pope of Dornoch. He married (1) Christian Dunbar .  Christian: Hector was married secondly to Christian Dunbar of Cyderhall and next to nothing is known of this lady at this time.  The only separate reference I have been able to find for her is in the Sutherland Estate Records.  It is recorded in the rental and arrears records for Cracaig, Loth for 1724 -1727 that Christian Dunbar, relict of Hector Peap, in 1725 received support from the estate. He married (2) Unknown Leith . Unknown: First wife of Rev. Hector Pope of Loth.


            6.       i.     Peter (Patrick) Pope b. ABT 1713.

            7.       ii.    John Pope .

            8.       iii.   Helen Pope b. ABT 1710.

            9.       iv.   James Pope .

            10.     v.    Alexander Pope b. 1706.

            11.     vi.   Jean Pope .

            12.     vii.  Charles Pope .

            13.     viii. Margaret Pope .

Generation Five

6.  Peter (Patrick) Pope , b. ABT 1713, d. 12 Jun 1802 in Gartymore, Sutherland , Scotland .  In Gartymore, Sutherland as Patrick Pope in 1745 Militia List. He married Isabel Fearn .  Isabel: From Tain.


            14.     i.     Robert Pope .

            15.     ii.    Williamina Pope .

                      iii.   William Pope , b. ABT 1744 in 3096A, d. 15 Apr 1826 in Loth, Sutherland , Scotland .  William of Gartymore and buried in Loth Cemetery .  I have no record of a wife to William nor proof of a family other than his reference to his 'natural daughter' Margaret Pope in his Last will and Testament. The wording might suggest an illegitimate daughter. Cousin to Hector Lithgow and left a sum of money in Hector's will.

                      iv.   Hector Pope .  Died unmarried in the West Indies .

                      v.    John Pope .  Died unmarried in the East Indies .

            16.     vi.   Isabella Pope .

            17.     vii.  Christian Pope .

            18.     viii. Elizabeth Pope .


7.  John Pope .  Of  Glenloth. Listed at Cracaig, Loth in rental and arrears records as John Peap. He married Lizzy Calder .


            19.     i.     Helen Pope .

            20.     ii.    Alexander Pope .

                      iii.   Hector Pope .  Whereabouts not known in 1835. He married Betty Mitchell .

                      iv.   James Pope .  Died unmarried.

            21.     v.    Christy Pope .

            22.     vi.   Jean Pope .

                      vii.  Catherine Pope .  Whereabouts not known in 1835. She married Alexander Gordon , married 24 May 1792.  Alexander: Whereabouts not known in 1835.

                      viii. Janet Pope , b. ABT 1753, d. 1831 in Navidale, Kildonan, Sutherland, Scotland.  Died unmarried.

8.  Helen Pope , b. ABT 1710.  Child Hector to Alexander Lythgoe but not married to him. She married Alexander Lithgow .  Alexander: Planned he should enter church but instead joined army - served with42nd Regiment.  Illegitimate son, Hector Lythgoe or Lithgow, to Helen Pope.  Though noted as illegitimate in some research George S Taylor in his evidence for the Lords of the Treasury points out it was said that Alexander and Helen married at house of her half sister in Kincurdie, Ross-shire.

     Noted by GST that a Robert Lithgow was in Dornoch in 1730-32 and had two illegitimate children there. He adds that this Robert was known to the Rev Alexander Pope.


            23.     i.     Hector Lythgoe b. 1740.

9.  James Pope , d. ABT 1771.  For sometime before receipt of the Pope MS with the details of the investigations into the Pope family connections by George sTaylor , Writer from Golspie, it was thought that a James Pope was a member of the East Sutherland Popes and progenitor of the Durness/Scourie Popes. A James Pope in Dornoch who had two recorded sons, Hugh and Alexander, both who were probably illegitimate, was a chief 'suspect'. Evidence now indicates that James son of Hector Pope of Loth was the James sought though it is not certain that he was the same James as the one in Dornoch.  The James Pope of Dornoch had the sons to Isobell Monro while James of Hector married Ann Ross.  With the prominence of the Pope family, their generally good level of education and the strong Dornoch links James of Dornoch and James of Hector might be one and the same.  What is certain is that the Popes of Sutherland andCaithness come from a common ancestral source. He married Ann Ross .  Ann: From the Doll (Dole according to George S Taylor), Clyne, Sutherland.


            24.     i.     Hector Pope b. ABT 1764.

            25.     ii.    James Pope b. ABT 1767.

            26.     iii.   Alexander Pope b. ABT 1759.

            27.     iv.   Donald Pope .

            28.     v.    Christian (Chirsty)Pope .

            29.     vi.   Janet Pope .

                      vii.  Unreadable Pope .  This name is unreadable on my copyn of the MS based upon GST's research.  Died in Aberdeen .

10.  Alexander Pope , b. 1706, d. 2 Mar 1782 in Reay, Caithness , Scotland .  Also spelt Paip.  Attended King's College, Aberdeen and graduated 15thApril 1725.  A well known and respected minister and more details can be found in the biography section of family history. Minister at Reay1734 -1782. Probably married at Dornoch.  He appears, along with other ministers of Caithness and professional and business men, in records of a roup (sale of property) of the books of Mr James Gilchrist, Minister of Thurso who died in 1752. He married (1) Margaret Sutherland , married 3 Jul 1735, d. 22 Dec 1744.  He married (2) Janet Ross , married 2 Nov 1745.


            30.     i.     Abigail Pope b. 7 Jun 1747.

                      ii.    Thomas Pope , b. 20 Nov 1749 in Reay, Caithness , Scotland .  Died unmarried in London .

                      iii.   John Pope , b. 14 Dec 1750 in Reay, Caithness, Scotland, d. 9 Jan 1752 in Reay, Caithness, Scotland.  Twin to James and died young.

                      iv.   James Pope , b. 14 Dec 1750 in Reay, Caithness, Scotland, d. 1779 in Reay, Caithness, Scotland.  Assistant Minister at Reay to his father but died before his father. Unmarried.  Gained MA from Marschal College , Aberdeen in 1773.

                      v.    Charles Pope , b. 14 Aug 1752 in Reay, Caithness , Scotland .  Died while a student at College.  Unmarried.

                      vi.   William Pope , b. 5 Apr 1736 in Reay, Caithness , Scotland .  Another source gives William's date of birth as a day later.  Died young and unmarried.

                      vii.  Alexander Pope , b. 7 Nov 1737 in Reay, Caithness , Scotland , d. 18 Nov 1812.  Died infancy.

                      viii. Harry Pope , b. 9 Jan 1739 in Reay, Caithness , Scotland .  Drowned on a voyage to Holland .  Unmarried.

11.  Jean Pope , d. BEF 1772 in Dornoch, Sutherland , Scotland .  She married Angus MacCulloch , married ABT 1739 in Clyne, Sutherland , Scotland .


            31.     i.     Christian (Chirsty) MacCulloch .

            32.     ii.    Jean MacCulloch .

            33.     iii.   Elizabeth MacCulloch .

            34.     iv.   Lizzy MacCulloch .

12.  Charles Pope , d. BEF 1746.  Married but wife unknown. He married /Unknown/ .


                      i.     John Pope .  On HMS Princess in 1746.

13.  Margaret Pope , d. 1 Jan 1760.  Death date not entirely clear but 1750 or 1760.  Gravestone at Rosemarkie, Ross-shire. She married Andrew Miller , d. FEB 1760.  Andrew: Andrew of Kincurdy, Ross-shire.


            35.     i.     Andrew Miller b. 1719.

            36.     ii.    Daughter Miller .

                      iii.   James Miller , d. in West Indies .  Died unmarried in the West Indies .

Generation Six

14.  Robert Pope , d. 1808.  In Navidale. On death certificate of daughter Isabella given as a Feuer. He married Roberta Sutherland .  Roberta: In Navidale. On death certificate of daughter Isabella given as a Feuer.


                      i.     Roberta Pope , d. 16 May 1844 in Strathpeffer, Ross & Cromarty , Scotland .  In Parish of Loth in 1841 census.

                      ii.    Elizabeth G. S. Pope , b. 12 Aug 1800, d. 28 Dec 1886 in Navidale, Sutherland , Scotland .  In Parish of Loth in 1841 census. Death registered by C.J. Wahab, Grand Nephew, Jesus College, Cambridge on 3rd January 1887.  Cause of death given as Debility and Old Age.

                      iii.   Isabella F. Pope , b. 6 Oct 1801, d. 11 Dec 1886 in Fern, Ross & Cromarty , Scotland .  Also given as Isobel. In Parish of Loth in 1841 census. Death registered by C.J. Wahab, Grand Nephew, Jesus College , Cambridge on3rd January 1887.  Isabella given as of The Cottage, Navidale.  Cause of death given as Debility and Old Age.  In the records Wahab initials given erroneously as C. Y. and in Sutherland death records from CD name given as A. J. Walch, Carrbridge.  Quite clearly a number of errors of transcription.

            37.     iv.   Peter Pope b. 18 Apr 1804.

            38.     v.    George Pope b. 4 Sep 1805.

15.  Williamina Pope .  Said by Donald Sage to have had a large family. She married Alexander Ross , married ABT 1777, occupation Tacksman at West Helmsdale .  Alexander: Brother to Walter Ross, Minister in Clyne (Sage).  Native of Ross-Shire.  AKA Sanny.


            39.     i.     Isabella Ross b. ABT 1796.

            40.     ii.    Williamina Ross .

                      iii.   Robert Pope Ross .

                      iv.   Johanna Ross , d. 1880.  Married with issue. She married Hugh Duff .  Hugh: Husband of one of Alexander Ross's daughters given as Hugh Duff of Edderton, Ross-Shire.

                      v.    Walter Ross .

                      vi.   Margaret Ross .

                      vii.  Hector Ross , b. 16 Oct 1804 in Loth, Sutherland , Scotland .

16.  Isabella Pope .  She married Joseph Mackay .


                      i.     Isabel Mackay .

                      ii.    William Mackay , d. 1793.  Died unmarried in Spring 1793.

                      iii.   Peter Mackay , d. 1817.  Died unmarried at Gartymore in Autumn 1817.

            41.     iv.   Williamina Mackay .

            42.     v.    Dorothea (Eurie) Mackay .

            43.     vi.   Roberta Mackay .

                      vii.  Hector Mackay , d. 1801 in West Indies .

                      viii. Johanna Mackay .  Last heard of in Aberdeen in 1833. She married John MacDonald .

17.  Christian Pope , d. 1804.  She married Angus Mackay , d. BEF 1835.  Angus: Angus Mackay alias Macushian.


                      i.     Isabell Mackay .  Married with issue. She married Hugh Mackay .

            44.     ii.    Dorothea Eurie Mackay .

18.  Elizabeth Pope , d. BEF 1835.  She married Donald Mackay , married 1750.


                      i.     Isabella Mackay .  Married.

                      ii.    Margaret Mackay .

19.  Helen Pope , d. MAY 1820.  Listed as one of the beneficiaries in Hector Lithgow's will though money does not appear to have been paid. She married William Fraser , married ABT 1770, d. AUG 1787.


                      i.     Simon Fraser .

            45.     ii.    Alexander Fraser .

                      iii.   Catherine Fraser .  Died infancy.

                      iv.   John Fraser .  Died infancy.

20.  Alexander Pope .  Died within a few days of his father. He married Isabella Polson .


                      i.     Alexander Pope .  Posthumous child. Said to be in England and working as a labourer in1835.

21.  Christy Pope .  She married Robert Gordon .  Robert: From Badchlamhain, Kildonan.


                      i.     Thomas Gordon , d. ABT 1805.  Said to have married in America and left issue.

                      ii.    John Gordon .  Emigrated to America with wife and 2 or 3 children. He married Barbara Gordon , married 24 Jun 1793.

                      iii.   Alexander Gordon , d. ABT 1815.  Died unmarried.

            46.     iv.   Robert Gordon .

                      v.    Christian Gordon .  She married (1) Alexander Gordon , married 6 Feb 1808.  Alexander: Christian Gordon's second husband. In Badchalmhain, Kildonan. She married (2) Angus Gordon .  Angus: In Badenloch.  First husband of Christian Gordon. She married (3) Robert Gordon .  Robert: Crofter.

22.  Jean Pope .  In Navidale in 1834. She married Alexander Gordon .  Alexander: From Salscraggie, Kildonan, Sutherland.


                      i.     John Gordon .  Married and with issue.

                      ii.    William Gordon , d. 1856.  In 1835 living with his widowed mother.

23.  Hector Lythgoe , b. 1740 in Fort Augustus , Scotland , d. 1784.  Illegitimate.  Hector Lithgow or Lythgoe cohabited with and had two sons to Mrs Frances Sweet. At age 7 Hector was sent to orphanage.  At10 ran away.  Befriended by farmer John Barclay, East Weymss .  Joined Army - served North America, stationed Halifax . Met Mrs Sweet – sons Hugh and John.  Left Halifax 1863.  Again stayed with John Barclay and John Spencer, Minister.  In 1765 joined army again - Sgt. Served in India . Responsible for obtaining supplies in Madras .  Left £70,000 in Will to number of relatives and friends including interest on £200to friend Elizabeth Grant.

       Hector is the testator whose family and possible heirs George S Taylor had to investigated in 1830s.  GST, a prominent and respected Writer (Solicitor) in Golspie carried out an extensive investigation using Treasury documents, letters to Chancery, Dunrobin Castle archives and church records in Sutherland.  He also spoke extensively to living relatives and friends of the Pope and connected families.  His work is generally accepted as a very credible and accurate account of the family as it was in 1834-35.   He married Frances Sweet .  Frances : Mistress of Hector in Halifax , Nova Scotia , Canada .


                      i.     John (Lythgoe) Lithgow .  Bachelor and supposed dead in 1835.

                      ii.    Hugh (Lythgoe) Lithgow .  Bachelor and supposed dead in 1835.

24.  Hector Pope , b. ABT 1764.  Noted in the Pope MS, as prepared by George S Taylor, as being the Hector in Hector Lithgow's will being Hector's cousin. He married Isabella Matheson , b. 1764.  Isabella: Living in the Doll in 1841 with daughter Betty Pope - aged about 70years. Also there Jane or Jean Pope aged 40 years or so.


                      i.     John Pope , b. 3 Apr 1784 in Clyne, Sutherland , Scotland .  Said to have died young.

            47.     ii.    Kathrain or Catherine Pope b. 1 May 1786.

                      iii.   James Pope , b. 30 Apr 1788 in Clyne, Sutherland , Scotland .  Died infancy.

                      iv.   Peter Pope , b. 30 Aug 1790 in Clyne, Sutherland , Scotland .  Died young.

                      v.    Elizabeth Pope , b. 1793 in Clyne, Sutherland, Scotland, d. 10 Aug 1858 in Doll, Clyne, Sutherland, Scotland.  Living in the Doll in 1841 and given as 48 years old.  death reported by John Melville, nephew.

                      vi.   Christy Pope , b. 8 Aug 1794 in Clyne, Sutherland , Scotland .  Died young.

                      vii.  Jean (Jane) Pope , b. 15 Aug 1800 in Clyne, Sutherland , Scotland .  Living in Doll in 1841 and single - given as aged 40 years.

                      viii. James Pope , b. 25 Feb 1803 in Clyne, Sutherland , Scotland .  Probably the James Pope listed as liable to serve in the Clyne Militia in 1926.  If so occupation a House Carpenter.  Unmarried.

            48.     ix.   Janet Pope b. 19 Dec 1805.

            49.     x.    Roberta Pope b. 29 Aug 1808.

            50.     xi.   Ann Pope .

                      xii.  Robert Pope .

                      xiii. William Pope .  Died young.

25.  James Pope , b. ABT 1767, d. 24 Jan 1837 in Sputie, Doll, Sutherland , Scotland .  According to George S Taylor at Auldsputie in 1835. Buried inClynekirkton Cemetery . He married Jane Chisholm , b. 1775 in Dornoch, Sutherland , Scotland , census 1851 in Doll, Clyne, Sutherland , Scotland , d. 1 Nov 1858 in Doll, Clyne, Sutherland , Scotland .  Jane: In 1851 Grandson James Davidson from Invergordon residing with family. Death reported by son, Robert.


            51.     i.     James Pope b. 18 Feb 1797.

            52.     ii.    Ann Pope b. 3 Oct 1798.

            53.     iii.   William Pope b. 18 Oct 1800.

                      iv.   Margaret Pope , b. 26 Feb 1803.

                      v.    Donald Pope , b. 8 Aug 1804.

                      vi.   Margaret Pope , b. 15 May 1807, census 1851 in Doll, Clyne, Sutherland, Scotland, occupation 1851 Housekeeper, d. 11 Mar 1881 in Sputie, Doll, Sutherland, Scotland, census 1871 in Sputie, Clyne, Sutherland, Scotland, occupation 1871 House ekeeper, occupation 1881 Nurse.  Death reported by William Pope, Nephew.

                      vii.  Robert Pope , b. 9 Feb 1810 in Clyne, Sutherland, Scotland, census 1851 in Doll, Clyne, Sutherland, Scotland, occupation Tenant, d. 25 Apr 1874 in Sputie, Clyne, Sutherland, Scotland, census 1871 in Sputie, Clyne, Sutherland, Scotland, occupation 1871 Crofter.  Bapt. 14th Feb. Death reported by William Pope, nephew.

26.  Alexander Pope , b. ABT 1759, occupation Tenant  Location: Gardener, d. 1819 in Sangobeg, Durness, Sutherland , Scotland .  Tenant in records for Durness and Gardener on death certificate of a family member.

       Letter from John Clarke at Keoldale to Capt Kenneth Mackay (factor for the Reay Estate dated 20 feb 1805 lists, amongst others, Alexr. Pope' who has not money to pay their rents'.  The amount owed was £2  -  -.Later in a memo re Barony of Durness remitted to John Clarke and James Anderson dated 16 may 1805 Alexander Pope noted as having paid and continues in possession of the lease.  Alexander informed that he was to have his possession.  However, in list of Arrears of Reay dated 20Nov 1805 it is noted that Alexr. Pope, Mid Keoldale, owed £2 12s 5d.(information from Malcolm Bangor-Jones).

       At marriage in Durness given as 'from Sutherland'.  This is significant in identifying Alexander as not the Alexander from Caithness .


            54.     i.     James Pope b. 26 Dec 1787.

                      ii.    Alexie Pope , b. 20 Oct 1788 in Sangobeg, Durness, Sutherland , Scotland .  Born at Keodale (Keoldale).  Mother given as Catherine McKay.

                      iii.   Fairly Gordon Pope , b. 18 Sep 1791 in Sangobeg, Durness, Sutherland , Scotland .

                      iv.   Neil Pope , b. 23 Jun 1793 in Sangobeg, Durness, Sutherland , Scotland .  Evander McIver, Factor to the Sutherland Estate, states in his notebook written about 1847 - Fangamore - Niel Pope - A Havelin. This is another way of spelling halflin which can mean a youth but in this case means half-witted.

            55.     v.    Hugh Forbes Pope b. 9 Aug 1795.

                      vi.   Nila (Neilina) Pope , b. 4 Jan 1801 in Sangobeg, Durness, Sutherland, Scotland, d. 21 Feb 1876 in Bonar, Sutherland, Scotland.  Also spelt Neala & Neilina.  Bapt. Date.  Death certificate gave father's occupation as Gardener.  Death recorded by Malcolm Fraser, Grandson.  Cause of death - cancer of neck and debility.  Age given on death certificate as 67 though more likely to have been closer to 77 according to birth/bapt date. She married Donald McLean , married 1821 in Durness, Sutherland , Scotland , occupation Sailor  Location: Seaman Merchant Service. Donald: Sailor.  from Rispond, Durness, Sutherland.  Deceased in 1876.

27.  Donald Pope , d. 1828 in Dundee , Scotland .  He married Janet Scott , married 1785 in Dundee , Scotland .


                      i.     David Pope , b. 10 Mar 1786 in Dundee , Scotland .

                      ii.    Ann Pope .  Alive in Dundee in 1835.  Marrried with issue. She married John Baxter .

28.  Christian (Chirsty) Pope , d. ABT 1817.  Illegitimate.  Survived husband. She married Donald Chisholm .  Donald: Deceased before 1817.


                      i.     Ann Chisholm .

                      ii.    Janet Chisholm .

29.  Janet Pope , d. in Aberdeen .  She married Hugh MacDonald , married 16 Jun 1790.


                      i.     Ann MacDonald .  Died infancy.

                      ii.    James MacDonald , b. 26 Oct 1793.  Bapt. date given. Married with six children.

                      iii.   Elizabeth MacDonald , b. 13 Sep 1797.  Bapt. date given. Married with issue. She married Peter Sutherland .

30.  Abigail Pope , b. 7 Jun 1747 in Reay, Caithness , Scotland , d. 1787.  Hector Lithgow's cousin and beneficiary in his will. She married David Campbell , d. 1797.  David: In the Hector Lithgow research Kennedy questions whether Abigail was married to David or James Campbell.  However, it is confirmed as David by a reference to Janet Campbell (and others unnamed) as being in 1788executor to the will of her mother Abigail Pope, the late spouse of David Campbell, Tacksman of Achenarass.


                      i.     Janet Campbell .  Alive in 1835 but no issue at that date. She married Alexander Bain .

                      ii.    Elizabeth Campbell .  Alive in 1835 and with several children. She married Alexander Campbell .

                      iii.   Margaret Campbell .  Died unmarried.

                      iv.   James Campbell .  Deputy Assistant Commissary General, Dublin Castle in 1830s.Unmarried.

            56.     v.    Ann Campbell .

                      vi.   Thomas Pope Campbell , d. 1817.  Died unmarried.

                      vii.  Alexandrina Pope Campbell .  Spinster living in 1835 in Glasgow with David Kemp, her nephew.

31.  Christian (Chirsty) MacCulloch , d. 1800 in Dornoch, Sutherland , Scotland .  She married Robert Matheson .


            57.     i.     James Matheson b. 1760.

                      ii.    Angus Matheson .  Believed dead abroad many years before 1835.

32.  Jean MacCulloch , d. 1805.  Survived husband. She married John MacPherson , d. BEF 1805.


            58.     i.     James MacPherson .

                      ii.    Isabell MacPherson .  She married (1) Alexander Ross .  She married (2) Robert MacPherson , d. BEF 1835.

                      iii.   Nornam MacPherson .  Married with issue.

                      iv.   Angus MacPherson .  Died unmarried.

33.  Elizabeth MacCulloch , d. BEF 1835.  She married John Ross , d. BEF 1835.


                      i.     Margaret Ross , d. 1834 in London , England .

34.  Lizzy MacCulloch .  She married William Baillie .


                      i.     Isabell Baillie , b. ABT 1750.  Isabell was over 75 years in 1829. She married George Sutherland , d. BEF 1835.  George: He lived at Carrol, Clyne, Sutherland.

                      ii.    Jean Baillie , d. BEF 1835.  She married Alexander Glass .  Alexander: Said to be illegitimate.

35.  Andrew Miller , b. 1719, d. 13 Feb 1809.  He married Margaret Matheson , b. ABT 1731, d. 19 Nov 1811.  Margaret: Of Bennetsfield, Ross-Shire.


                      i.     Maria Miller .  She married John Ross , occupation Stone or other Cutter.  John: In Edinburgh, no issue.

                      ii.    Elizabeth Miller , b. ABT 1750, d. 17 Dec 1826.  She married Michael Miller .  Michael: Of Kincurdy, said to be a foundling.

                      iii.   Andrew Miller , d. in East Indies .  Died unmarried in East Indies .


36.  Daughter Miller .  Married at Charochie (?) but location of place still to be identified. She married ? Matheson , married in Charochie.


                      i.     John Matheson .  He married Margaret Macandrew .

                      ii.    James Matheson .  Thought to be dead in 1835.

Generation Seven

37.  Peter Pope , b. 18 Apr 1804 in Loth, Sutherland , Scotland , d. 5 Mar 1845 in At Sea on way to Madras .  Major Peter Pope, 24th Regt. Madras Nat. Infantry, HEIC. Also known as Patrick.  Married his cousin. Died on way to Madras as Deputy Military Secretary to Government. He married Mary Baillie Mackay , married 6 Feb 1827, b. 7 Sep 1811, d. 11 Apr 1887.  Mary: Father - Captain Mackay of Torboll. Wife of Major Peter Pope, 24thRegt. MadrasNat. Infantry, HEIC. Married her cousin.  In 1881 at Eskdale Lodge, Dalkeith , Scotland with her daughters, Jessie and Roberta.


                      i.     Robert Pope , b. 3 Aug 1831, d. 14 Sep 1868.  Captain.

                      ii.    Ken Pope , b. ABT 1833, d. 14 Oct 1852.

                      iii.   William Alfred Pope , b. 15 Oct 1837, d. 20 Sep 1858.  Ensign 17 Regt M.N. Infantry.

            59.     iv.   Jessie Pope b. ABT 1841.

                      v.    Roberta Pope , b. ABT 1845 in Madras , India .  In 1881 living at Eskdale Lodge, Dalkeith , Scotland with her motherand sister, Jessie.

38.  George Pope , b. 4 Sep 1805 in Navidale, Sutherland , Scotland , d. JAN 1886 in London , England .  Major General in the Bombay Army who fought in the Indian Mutiny of1857-58.  Married his cousin. A source suggests Loth as place of birth while I have Navidale in Kildonan - the adjoining parish. General Pope left the money which was used to build the General Pope Maternity Hospital , Helmsdale. He married Charlotte Baigrie , married 29 Jun 1829, b. 7 Nov 1811 in Midgarty, Sutherland, Scotland., d. JUL 1883 in Heidelberg , Germany .  Charlotte : Married her cousin.


                      i.     Robert Sutherland Pope , b. 19 Apr 1831 in Bombay, India, d. MAR 1856 in Bombay, India.  Lt in Bombay Army.  Buried in Bombay . Was Robert born Loth or Bombay ?

                             Applications for Cadetships (Index) : Applications for Cadetships in EIC Armies 1789-1860 (Index).

                      ii.    George Sutherland Pope , b. 20 May 1834 in Bombay, India, d. NOV 1856 in Cape of Good Hope, South Africa.  Lt. in Bombay Army.

                             Applications for Cadetships in EIC Armies 1789-1860 (Index) notes George Sutherland Pope for 1849-50.  Records Office -            IOR Ref:L/MIL/9/222

                             Folio No.    348-55

                             Season(s)    1849-50

                             LDS Film No.        2046740.

                      iii.   Charlotte Pope , b. 17 Feb 1836 in Loth, Sutherland , Scotland .

39.  Isabella Ross , b. ABT 1796, d. 1877.  She married James Smith , married 25 Aug 1831 in Edderton, Ross-Shire , Scotland , b. ABT 1761 in Aberdeen ,Scotland , occupation Schoolmaster, d. 25 Aug 1853 in Olrig House, Caithness , Scotland .  James: Assuming marriage to Janet Sinclair identified in Website information on Olrig House is correct then he was a Schoolmaster.  This marriage, which I have not recorded as yet, is uncertain and it is not clear how a 'poor' schoolmaster could purchase such a property.  He married at the age of about 70 years and his wife was 35 years his junior.  She may have been his first wife though clearly an earlier marriage was likely.  He may have met his wife, Isabella, through his nephew James who was married to Williamina Ross, the sister of Isabella.  The similarity in ages of 'cousins' can be confusing and if all this is correct then some of the cousins referred to in the Smith of Olrig website were more likely to have been second cousins.


            60.     i.     James Smith b. 26 Dec 1832.

                      ii.    Alexander Smith , b. 29 Sep 1834 in Olrig, Caithness , Scotland , d. 1858.

            61.     iii.   Hector William Pope Smith b. 3 Jan 1837.

                      iv.   Williamina Pope Smith , b. 20 Mar 1839 in Olrig, Caithness , Scotland , d. 1863.

40.  Williamina Ross , d. BEF 1835.  She married James Smith , married 15 Aug 1822 in Loth, Sutherland , Scotland , d. BEF 1835.  James: Followed the first year of the class of 1810-1814 at Marischal College , Aberdeen and then the next year transferred to the equivalent class at Kings College , Aberdeen . He was living on his uncle’s farm of Hayfield, part of the Olrig estate, in 1823. He married 15 August 1822at Loth in Sutherland, Williamina (or Wilhelmina) Ross, sister of Isabella ROSS, his future aunt.


                      i.     William Smith , b. 30 Jun 1826 in Olrig, Caithness , Scotland .  Followed first two years of the class of 1841-1845 at Aberdeen University . Was left a legacy of £250 in his uncle's will.

                             In 1864, while on his way back to Scotland from New Zealand , Hector William Pope Smith visited William who was then living at Mansfield ,Victoria , Australia where he left the Mansfield Hotel.

                      ii.    James Smith , b. 3 Jun 1823 in Hayfield, Olrig, Cathness , Scotland .  Left a legacy of £500 in his uncle James's will.  By 1864 he was in New Zealand working for his cousin, Hector William Pope Smith.  He remained there for a number of years.  In 1865, Hector William Pope Smith states in his diary that 'poor James Smith went off this day to Melbourne ... in very bad health'.  However, much to everyone's surprise, he returned later that year both recovered and married.

            62.     iii.   Flora Ross Smith b. 5 Jan 1825.

41.  Williamina Mackay .  She married John Gordon .


                      i.     William Gordon .

                      ii.    John Gordon .

                      iii.   George Gordon .

                      iv.   Gilbert Gordon .

                      v.    Joseph Gordon .

                      vi.   Henrietta Gordon .

42.  Dorothea (Eurie) Mackay .  She married Donald Fraser , married 1802, d. BEF 1835.


                      i.     William Fraser .  Married.

                      ii.    Roberta Fraser .  Married.

                      iii.   Robert Fraser .  Unmarried in 1835.

43.  Roberta Mackay .  She married Joseph MacPherson , married 8 Feb 1803.


                      i.     Isabell MacPherson .

                      ii.    Flora MacPherson .

                      iii.   William MacPherson .

                      iv.   Jean MacPherson .

                      v.    Johanna MacPherson .

                      vi.   Margaret MacPherson .

                      vii.  Elizabeth MacPherson , d. BEF 1835.

                      viii. Roberta MacPherson , d. BEF 1835.

44.  Dorothea Eurie Mackay , d. BEF 1835.  No family to Adam Gunn. She married (1) Adam Gunn .  She married (2) Robert Mackay , married 15 Jun 1809.


                      i.     Flora Mackay .

                      ii.    Isabell Mackay .

45.  Alexander Fraser .  He married /?/ , married 5 Jan 1809.


                      i.     Catherine Fraser .

                      ii.    Helen Fraser .

                      iii.   William Fraser .

                      iv.   John Fraser .

                      v.    Simon Fraser .

                      vi.   Alexander Fraser .

                      vii.  Malcolm Fraser .

                      viii. Margaret Fraser .

46.  Robert Gordon .  He married Christy Macpherson , married 22 Apr 1807, b. ABT 1784, d. 1875 in Kildonan, Sutherland , Scotland .  Christy: 91 years at death.


                      i.     Christian Gordon .

                      ii.    Robert Gordon .

                      iii.   Elizabeth Gordon .  She married Hugh Gordon .

                      iv.   John Gordon .

                      v.    Donald Gordon .

                      vi.   Thomas Gordon , d. 1875.

47.  Kathrain or Catherine Pope , b. 1 May 1786 in Auldsputy, Clyne, Sutherland, Scotland, census 1841 in Doll, Clyne, Sutherland, Scotland, occupation 1851 Charwoman, d. 15 Mar 1870 in Doll, Clyne, Sutherland, Scotland, census 1851 in Doll, Doll, Clyne, Sutherland, Scotland.  Application for poor relief suggests two other children living in England - Richard and Thomas.  Another source gives her husband's forename as Peter but I would be more confident in it being Thomas. George S Taylor gives residence as in Liverpool and with four children but so far only three named here. She married Peter McLean , occupation Collier.  Peter: Collier.  Dead in 1841 according to census.  Another source gives nameas Thomas but since this source has been unreliable in other instances it is most likely the name should be Peter.


                      i.     Sarah McLean , b. 13 Aug 1815 in Clyne, Sutherland , Scotland .

                      ii.    Hector McLean , b. 1821, census 1841 in Doll, Doll, Clyne, Sutherland , Scotland , occupation 1841 Agricultural Labourer.

            63.     iii.   Andrew McLean b. ABT 1826.

            64.     iv.   Mary McLean b. 3 Jan 1829.

48.  Janet Pope , b. 19 Dec 1805 in Clyne, Sutherland, Scotland, census 1851 in Sangobeg, Durness, Sutherland, Scotland, census 1881 in Tongue, Sutherland, Scotland, census 1841 in Ceannabin, Durness, Sutherland, Scotland.  1881 Census: Jamesinia (Jamesina?) Gow, Grand-Daughter, with Janet and George in Tongue.  Another error in census with Janet given as born Durness. She married George McKay , married 28 Jan 1831 in Sangomore, Durness, Sutherland, Scotland, b. ABT 1805 in Sangobeg, Durness, Sutherland, Scotland, census 1851 in Sangobeg, Durness, Sutherland, Scotland, occupation 1851 Tenant at Sangobeg, d. 1898 in Doll, Clyne, Sutherland, Scotland, census 1881 in Tongue, Sutherland, Scotland, census 1841 in Ceannabin, Durness, Sutherland, Scotland.  George: Jane Waite indicates that the record of marriage states 'The same day(28 Jan 1831) at Saingomore George McKay Ceannabinn and Janet Pope from the Parish of Loth.'  Pope MS indicates marriage to a Donald Mackay.  George Mackay's father was Donald Mackay so may be some confusion here.


                      i.     John McKay , b. ABT 1830, census 1841 in Ceannabin, Durness, Sutherland, Scotland.  John appears in 1841 census but is then not with family in following census.  This could be a child that died.  However, extensive research into the mystery of a John Pope from Durness who worked in Liverpool, married in Edinburgh, had family in Liverpool and Wick, whose wife died in Thurso, who placed his two children in Durness and Wick when his wife died and who went to Australia, remarried there and died inQueensland in 1863 suggests John Mckay and John Pope might be one and the same person.  Possibly born to Janet before she married GeorgeMcKay.

                      ii.    Catherine (Ketty) McKay , b. 24 May 1832, census 1841 in Ceannabin, Durness, Sutherland, Scotland, census 1851 in Sangobeg, Durness, Sutherland, Scotland.  Listed in 1841 census as Ketty.

                      iii.   Ann McKay , b. 15 Jun 1834 in Sangobeg, Durness, Sutherland, Scotland, census 1851 in Sangobeg, Durness, Sutherland, Scotland, census 1841 in Ceannabin, Durness, Sutherland, Scotland.

                      iv.   Dollina McKay , b. 15 May 1836 in Sangobeg, Durness, Sutherland, Scotland, census 1851 in Sangobeg, Durness, Sutherland, Scotland, occupation 1862 General Worker  Location: Wick, Caithness, Scotland.  Married at Kinnaird Street , Pulteneytown according to the forms of the Free Church of Scotland.  Aged 26 years at Marriage. Witnesses Henry Clyne and James Tulloch.   She married Donald MacKenzie , married 2 Sep 1862 in Wick, Caithness , Scotland , occupation 1862 Fisherman  Location: Wick, Caithness , Scotland .  Donald: Married at Kinnaird Street , Pulteneytown according to the forms of the Free Church of Scotland.  Aged 33 years at Marriage and a widower.Witnesses Henry Clyne and James Tulloch.  From From Laxy, Parish of Lochs, Island of Lewis.  Age at Marriage 33 years.  Donald a widower at marriage to Dollina.

                      v.    Jemima McKay , b. 4 Jul 1838 in Sangobeg, Durness, Sutherland , Scotland .

                      vii.  Alixie (Alexandra) McKay , b. 8 Jul 1840 in Sangobeg, Durness, Sutherland, Scotland, census 1851 in Sangobeg, Durness, Sutherland, Scotland, occupation 1862 General Worker  Location: Wick, census 1841 in Ceannabin, Durness, Sutherland, Scotland.  Married on same day as sister Dolina.  The sisters married brothers. Marriage witnesses: Henry Clyne and James Tulloch. She married Alexander MacKenzie , married 2 Sep 1862 in Breadalbane Terrace, Pulteneytown, Wick, Caithness , Scotland , occupation 1862 Fisherman  Location: Wick, Caithness ,Scotland .  Alexander: Married on same day as his brother Donald and to the sister of his brother's wife, Dolina.  From Laxy, Parish of Lochs, Island of Lewis.

                      viii. Hectorina McKay , b. 3 Mar 1843 in Sangobeg, Durness, Sutherland, Scotland, census 1851 in Sangobeg, Durness, Sutherland, Scotland, census 1861 in Sangobeg, Durness, Sutherland, Scotland.

                      ix.   Jean McKay , b. ABT 1848 in Sangobeg, Durness, Sutherland, Scotland, census 1851 in Sangobeg, Durness, Sutherland, Scotland, census 1861 in Durness, Sutherland, Scotland.

                      x.    Alexander McKay , b. ABT 1850 in Sangobeg, Durness, Sutherland, Scotland, census 1851 in Sangobeg, Durness, Sutherland, Scotland, census 1861 in Durness, Sutherland, Scotland.

                      xi.   Effie McKay , b. 1854 in Durness, Sutherland, Scotland, census 1861 in Sangomore, Durness, Sutherland, Scotland, census 1871 in Sangobeag, Durness, Sutherland, Scotland.

49.  Roberta Pope , b. 29 Aug 1808 in Clyne, Sutherland, Scotland, census 1841 in Brora Village, Brora, Sutherland, Scotland, d. 19 Jun 1857 in Brora, Sutherland, Scotland, census 1851 in Brora Village, Sutherland Scotland.  D. Rpt. by widower. Pneumonia of 10 days duration.  Buried  Golspie. She married John Melville , married 1832, b. 15 Jul 1813 in Tarbet, Cromarty, Scotland, census 1841 in Brora Village, Brora, Sutherland, Scotland, occupation Cartwright, d. 10 Dec 1884 in Dalchalm, Clyne, Sutherland, Scotland, census 1851 in Brora Village, Sutherland Scotland, census 1871 in Glashlochan, Clyne, Sutherland, Scotland.  John: Cartwright. M. Wt. John & James Melville.  D. Rpt. by son, William of Braid Street, Glasgow.


            66.     i.     Hector Pope Melville b. 26 Aug 1833.

                      ii.    John Melville , b. 16 Aug 1835 in Sputie, Doll, Sutherland, Scotland, census 1841 in Brora Village, Brora, Sutherland, Scotland, census 1851 in Brora Village, Sutherland Scotland.  B. date according to Una Melville - I had recorded it as 25 Mar 1835.

            67.     iii.   Isabella Melville b. 24 Nov 1837.

            68.     iv.   James Pope Melville b. 17 Feb 1840.

            69.     v.    Alexander Melville b. 15 Jun 1842.

            70.     vi.   Mary Melville b. 8 Feb 1844.

                      vii.  Davidina Pope Melville , b. 16 Oct 1847 in Clyne, Sutherland , Scotland , buried 16 Dec 1922 in Toowong, Cemetery, Toowong ,Queensland , Australia , census 1851 in Brora Village , Sutherland Scotland , occupation General Servant, d. 15 Oct 1922 in Agnes Street ,Hamilton , Bisbane , Queensland , Australia .  Went to Sydney , Australia .  Arrived on 16th Mar. 1866 on the 'Africana'. Married widower Matthew R. Battersby c1892/93 in Brisbane . His first wife was Jane Stewart the daughter of Allan Stewart and Margaret MacFarlane. Matthew had no children by this second marriage but had at least six by the first marriage. Matthew died in 1899.Occupation as by ship's records given as general servant. Surprisingly native place given as ' Caithness '.  Could read and write.  In later years after the death of her husband she ran a corner store in inner Brisbane . Death registered by Herbert Reese, Friend.  Death certificate indicated Davidina in Queensland for 'about 50 years'. This would give an arrival about1872 but since an estimate does not conflict with evidence above. She married Matthew Robertson Battersby , married 26 Oct 1893 in Brisbane , Queensland , Australia , b. 18 Dec 1841 in Perth , Scotland , occupation Politician at 2nd M., d. 15 May 1899 in Brisbane , Australia .  Matthew: Member of the Legislative Assembly for Queensland . Firstly married toJane Stewart.  Her parents were Allan Stewart and Margaret Macfarlane. To Jane, Matthew had six children - James, Margaret, Jane, Matthew, Elizabeth & Allan. Blacksmith and Farmer.  Arrived Queensland 1865.Married at Wickham Terrace, Presbyterian Church, Brisbane.

            71.     viii. William Melville b. 6 Sep 1850.

                      ix.   Charles Hood Melville , b. 7 Jun 1853 in Clyne, Sutherland, Scotland, census 1871 in Glashlochan, Clyne, Sutherland, Scotland.

50.  Ann Pope .  She married (1) David Ross .  She married (2) Thomas Blure .


                      i.     Catherine Ross .

                      ii.    Isabel Ross .

                      iii.   Sarah Blure .

                      iv.   Catherine Blure .

51.  James Pope , b. 18 Feb 1797, d. 1866.  Tea, Wine and Spirit Merchant in Leith .  Married the Boss's daughter, most probably. In 1851 resident at Junction House, Leith . He married Christiana Band , married 1827 in Edinburgh , Scotland .  Christiana: Daughter of Tea, Wine and Spirit Merchant in Leith .


                      i.     James Henry Pope , b. ABT 1828, d. 30 Dec 1872.  Said to have been an Artist.

            72.     ii.    Margaret Wylie Pope b. ABT 1830.

            73.     iii.   Jane Adelaide Pope b. ABT 1831.

                      iv.   Frederick Pope , b. ABT 1832, d. 1 Feb 1876.

                      v.    Christiana Pope , b. ABT 1834.

                      vi.   Robert Band Pope , b. ABT 1835, d. 20 Jul 1909.  In 1881 census living at Junction Villa in Dumbarton with his motherand younger sister Emma.

                             In 1891 census for Dumbarton in Meadowbank House and with him his brother Donald and his sister Eliza Hay.  This house demolished about1900 and probably resulted in their move to the house called Navidale.

                             Manager of Marine Engine Works and Partner in Denny's Shipyard in Dumbarton. Marine Engineer (Master) and single according to death certificate. Died of Cardiac Valvular Disease and Dropy.  Death registered by Rosalee Wallace, Niece of 40 Gibson Street, Glasgow. Buried inRosebank Cemetery in Edinburgh .

                             Memorial Plaque once placed in Loth Church , Sutherland, states that he was the great-great grandson of the Rev. Hector Pope of Loth.  The plaque was commissioned by Rose and Charles Wallace, his niece and nephew.

                      vii.  Mary Pope , b. ABT 1837.

                      viii. William Pope , b. ABT 1839.

                      ix.   Charles Pope , b. ABT 1840.  In 1881 Charles Pope was living in lodgings in Montrose Terrace, South Leith .  Given as Clerk (Audit Office N B RY) - North British Railway maybe?  Landlords John and Maggie Nicol - John a Chemist, Druggist, Dentist aged 28 years.  Maggie aged 24 years. No obvious family connections.

                      x.    Eliza Pope , b. ABT 1842.  Her husband, John Hay, was a widower aged 42 years.  Married at Junction House, South Leith .

                             1891 census shows her living at Meadowbank, Dumbarton with her brothers Robert and Donald.

                      xi.   Donald Pope , b. ABT 1844.  Draughtsman Marine Engineer E & M. Living in Everton. Lancashire , England in 1881. He married Mary L. C. Pope .  Mary: Maiden name unknown.

                      xii.  Fraser Pope , b. ABT 1844, d. 18 Feb 1846.

                      xiii. Emma Pope , b. ABT 1847.  At Junction Villa, Cardross, Dumbarton , Scotland in 1881 with her mother and brother Robert.  Given as Merchant's Daughter.

                             She became the second wife of the Rev George Alpine.  She died before her brother Robert. She married George Alpine .

52.  Ann Pope , b. 3 Oct 1798 in Clyne, Sutherland, Scotland, census 1871 in Sputie, Clyne, Sutherland, Scotland, d. 22 Feb 1881 in Sputie, Sutherland, Scotland.  Noted as Blind for six years in 1871 census. She married Angus Davidson , occupation Cartwright.


                      i.     James Davidson , b. 1831 in Invergordon, Ross-shire, Scotland, census 1851 in Doll, Clyne, Sutherland, Scotland, occupation 1873 Clerk, d. 6 Dec 1873 in Golspie Station, Sutherland, Scotland, occupation 1851 Agri. Labourer.  Not born in Sutherland. Death reported by Robert Pope, Uncle, Doll. He married Johanna Gunn , married 2 Feb 1866 in East Brora, Sutherland , Scotland .

                      ii.    Jane Davidson , b. 1846.  Marriage witnesses James Davidson and A. Melville. She married Angus Campbell , married 28 Feb 1862 in Doll,Sutherland , Scotland .

53.  William Pope , b. 18 Oct 1800, census 1851 in Doll, Clyne, Sutherland, Scotland, occupation 1851 Mason.  Probably the William Pope listed in the list of those liable to serve in the Clyne Militia in 1926. If so occupation a Mason.  Deceased in1872. He married Flora McLeod .


            74.     i.     William Pope b. 2 Feb 1845.

54.  James Pope , b. 26 Dec 1787 in Sangobeg, Durness, Sutherland, Scotland, census 1841 in Rathen, Aberdeen-shire, occupation Soldier, d. 31 Mar 1870 in Scourie, Sutherland, Scotland, census 1861 in Scourie, Sutherland, Scotland, occupation 1841 Army Pensioner.  Soldier from Scourie, Sutherland , Scotland , serving for time in Ireland . Soldier in 78th Ross-Shire Highlanders,2nd Battalion.  Joined army in Thurso on 10th June 1804 at age 16.  Promoted through ranks to sergeant and served over 24 years.  Served Gibraltar , Sicily , Flandersand Egypt in addition to Ireland .  Height 5 feet 10 inches, fair complexion, grey eyes. At marriage from Rispond, Sutherland. Posted to Flanders for active service in 1814 soon after the birth of son, Alexander. Retired from the army in 1830 and returned to Durness where he married Mary McIntyre.

       In 1861 census all of the family living in Scouriemore, Sutherland and James listed as a Crofter. Death reported by son, Donald.  Cause of death given as old age.

       On death certificate of daughter, Christina Ann Pope, occupation givenas Sergeant in the 72 Highlanders.

       On death certificate of daughter Williamina, occupation given as a Ground Officer.

       The following information from Dr Jones's notes is interesting and poses as many questions as it answers! -

       NLS Dep313/2627 Petition James Pope Fenigmore 18th Sept 1837     [to James Loch]

       Formerly ground officer in Assynt, now res ‘Feonagmore’  libelous statement presented to Duchess Countess misrepresenting him as trying to prejudge the people of Assynt against his successor Mr David Sutherland.  Laxford 28 Aug 1837

       Jame Loch: Sacked as unsatisfactory.  Must appeal to Duchess Countess to remain on estate.

       Sequence of events look like this;-

       Left Army in 1830

       Obtained post as Ground Officer sometime in early 1830s

       proved unsatisfactory for some reason and was replaced by David Sutherland

       Accused of undermining David Sutherland

       Was not to be allowed to stay on estate and was to have appealed to Duchess Countess

       In Rathen, Aberdeenshire in 1841 so may have been removed

       Not found in 1851

       Back in Scourie in 1861 - local circumstances probably changed

       Died 1870.   He married (1) Mary McIntyre , married 15 Jun 1832 in Sangobeg, Durness, Sutherland, Scotland, b. ABT 1805 in Sangobeg, Durness, Sutherland, Scotland, census 1871 in Scourie, Sutherland, Scotland, occupation 1871 Crofter, d. 1882 in Scourie, Sutherland, Scotland, census 1841 in Rathen, Aberdeen-shire, census 1861 in Scourie, Sutherland, Scotland, census 1861 in Scourie, Sutherland, Scotland.  He married (2) Janet (Jessie) McKay , married ABT 1812 in Wick, Caithness, Scotland, d. 1826 in Cork, Ireland.


                      i.     Margaret Pope , b. 4 May 1833 in Sangobeg, Durness, Sutherland, Scotland, census 1871 in Scourie, Sutherland, Scotland, occupation 1871 Housekeeper, d. 31 Jul 1908 in Scourie, Sutherland, Scotland, census 1841 in Rathen, Aberdeen-shire, census 1851 in Sangobeg, Durness, Sutherland, Scotland, occupation 1851 House Servant.  In Durness in 1851 with Uncles William McIntyre.  Unmarried in 1871. In Scourie in 1891.  At death a Pauper living at Scourie House,Scourie, Sutherland.  Cause of death - valvular desease of the heart. death reported by brother, Donald Pope.

                      ii.    Duncan Pope , b. 19 Feb 1834 in Assynt, Sutherland, Scotland, census 1841 in Rathen, Aberdeen-shire.

                      iii.   Alexander Pope , b. 1836 in Scourie, Sutherland, Scotland, census 1871 in Scourie, Sutherland, Scotland, occupation 1863 Fisherman, d. 1911 in Scourie, Sutherland, census 1841 in Rathen, Aberdeen-shire, occupation 1881 Fisherman.  Unmarried in 1861 and 1871 census. Died Unmarried in 1911.

            75.     iv.   Christina Ann Pope b. ABT 1839.

                      v.    Jessie (Janet) Pope , b. 16 Dec 1840 in Rathen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, census 1871 in Scourie, Sutherland, Scotland, occupation 1871 Dressmaker  Location: Seamstress, d. 15 Dec 1916 in Scourie, Sutherland, Scotland, census 1841 in Rathen, Aberdeen-shire, census 1861 in Duartbeg, Scourie, occupation 1861 Crofter's Daughter.  Most likely the Janet Pope living as a visitor at 1861 census with Donald and Christina Mackay in Duartbeg, Scourie at 1861 census. Given at that time as Crofter's daughter. In Scourie in 1881 and 1891census. Unmarried in 1871. Death reported by Jessie McKenzie, Neighbour.  Cause of death - valvular heart disease.

            76.     vi.   Williamina Pope b. 4 Nov 1842.

                      vii.  Donald Pope , b. ABT 1844 in Rathen, Aberdeen, Scotland, census 1871 in Scourie, Sutherland, Scotland, occupation 1871 Fisherman.  In Scourie in 1861, 1881 and 1891 census. Unmarried in 1871.

                      viii. Boy 1 Pope .

                      ix.   Boy 2 Pope .

                      x.    Hugh Pope , occupation Farmer.

                      xi.   Alexander Pope , b. 31 Dec 1813 in Tain, Ross & Cromarty , Scotland .

                      xii.  Ann Pope , b. 5 May 1817 in Ardersier, Inverness , Scotland , d. 1838.

            77.     xiii. James Dunn Pope b. 28 Oct 1819.

                      xiv. Jessie Pope , b. ABT 1826 in Ireland , census 1841 in Rathen, Aberdeen-shire.  In Rathen, Aberdeenshire in 1841 with father and step-mother.

55.  Hugh Forbes Pope , b. 9 Aug 1795 in Sangobeg, Durness, Sutherland, Scotland, census 1861 in Fangamore, Eddrachillis, Sutherland, Scotland, occupation 1861 Crofter, d. 28 Apr 1875 in Geocrab, Harris, Inverness-shire, Scotland, census 1871 in Geocrab, Harris, Inverness-shire, Scotland, occupation 1864 Ship owner on McKay Popes mar. cert., occupation 1871 Seafaring Man, occupation 1875 Given as Mariner on Death certificate.  Hugh Pope was a fisherman living in Rispond and a sailor in Rispond and married Ann Morrison from Kinlochbervie on 11 November 1814.  This is almost certainly the same Hugh who later married Johanna McKay.The Rispond fishing industry was developed  1813 when a pier and houses were built and provided for fishermen hence the likely move of Hugh from the family home in Keoldale, Durness.  By 1813, he had builta pier at Rispond, several houses for fishermen and a smoke curing building for fish. The tacksman James Anderson, rented sea areas to local men and charged them money to go fishing. He owned all the fishing boats and equipment and rented at very high prices. The fishermen had to sell their catch to James Anderson the tacksman at very low prices. Kinlochbervie was, and still is, a principal fishing port in the northwest of Sutherland and no doubt Hugh met his wife while in that port. There are no records of any other Pope family in Rispond and no other Hugh Pope in the area.  It would appear that Ann Morrison died and Hugh married a second time.

       In 1830 Hugh was living with family (eight males and five females) in Rispond near Durness. By 1837 Hugh was in Fannagmore.  Dr Malcolm Bangor Jones says it can be assumed he was a subtenant of James Anderson and that his leaving of Rispond might be the beginning of Anderson 's removals.

       Given in 1841 census as living at Tarbert, Scourie as a farmer. At Fanagmore, Near Scourie, Sutherland in 1861.  On the death certificate of son, James, given as a Seaman. Mother given as Ann McKay as would be expected though given as Catherine on Alexie's baptismal record. Death reported by son-in-law Norman McAulay, with his X).  Cause of death - old age.

       Evander McIver, Factor to the Sutherland Estate, states in his notebook written about 1847 - Fangamore - Hugh Pope rent £4 6s 2d,Able family, due rent 1846 of £4 6s 2d and ought to pay - Good stock. This would seem to indicate that although rent was due there would be no problem in receiving it.  He had no figure in the Arrears Column. He married (1) Johanna McKay , married 1818 in Durness, Sutherland , Scotland , b. ABT 1790, census 1861 in Fangamore, Eddrachillis, Sutherland , Scotland , occupation 1861 Crofter's Wife, census 1871 in Geocrab, Harris, Inverness-shire , Scotland .  He married (2) Ann Morrison , married 11 Nov 1814 in Kinlochbervie, Sutherland , Scotland .


            78.     i.     Alexander Pope b. 1819.

                      ii.    Andrew Pope , b. 1822, occupation 1861 Seaman, d. 10 Jun 1858 in Wick, Caithness, Scotland.  Andrew Pope, Seaman, in Pulteneytown (now part of Wick), Caithness.Cause of death - Phthisis Pulmonalis.  Death reported by Angus Murray, borther in Law. He married Charlotte Murray , married 4 Jan 1851 in Wick, Caithness , Scotland , b. ABT 1824, census 1871 in Wick, Caithness , Scotland .  Charlotte : In 1871 with her brother, Hugh Murray, and his family in Wick.

            79.     iii.   James Pope b. 1824.

                      iv.   Patrick Pope , b. 1830.  Could this be the Peter given in the 1841 census?

            80.     v.    Ann Pope b. ABT 1831.

                      vi.   Petter Pope , b. ABT 1832.  Could be Patrick in OPR as names sometimes inter-changed.

                      vii.  Margaret Pope , b. 1832.

            81.     viii. Roy McKay Pope b. 28 Jan 1835.

                      ix.   Peggy Pope , b. ABT 1839.  Was this a second Margaret after the first one died?

56.  Ann Campbell , d. BEF 1835.  She married Hugh Kemp , d. BEF 1835.


                      i.     David Kemp .  Living in Glasgow in 1835 and his aunt Alexandrina living with him.

57.  James Matheson , b. 1760, d. SEP 1823.  He married (1) ? Urquhart , married 1805.  ? Urquh: Daughter of Alexander Urquhart of New Tarbet, Ross & Cromarty. He married (2) Isabel Barclay .


                      i.     Robert Matheson .  Married with issue.

                      ii.    Alexander Matheson .

                      iii.   William Pope Matheson , d. JUN 1831 in Tobago .  Died unmarried in Tobago .

58.  James MacPherson , d. 1821.  He married Christian Munro , married 8 Feb 1792.


                      i.     John MacPherson , b. 26 Jul 1794.  Married with issue.

                      ii.    William MacPherson , b. 8 Mar 1796.  Married with issue.

                      iii.   Jean MacPherson , b. 1 Apr 1798.  Married with issue - surname of husband unclear on Pope manuscript butMacandrew or similar. She married Angus ? .

                      iv.   Angus MacPherson , b. 8 Mar 1802.  Married with issue.

                      v.    Isobell MacPherson , b. 8 Mar 1804.

Generation Eight

59.  Jessie Pope , b. ABT 1841 in Madras, India, census 1861 in Blackford Road, Braid Hill, Edinburgh, d. 26 Sep 1895 in Bridge of Allan, Stirling, Scotland, census 1871 in 11 Mauricewood, Glencross, Edinburgh, census 1881 in Eskdale Lodge, Dalkieth, Midlothian.  Married at her home 48 George Square ,Edinburgh . Marriage witnesses - WWahab and Eric (?) Mackay Noble.  In 1871 census as well as family in the household were Margaret Mclean aged 24, Jessie Shearer aged 21 and Agnes Smith aged 19.  In 1881 living a Eskdale Lodge, Dalkeith , Scotland with her mother and sister, Roberta.

       Died at Stewart Manse, Bridge of Allan , Scotland but usual address given as Navidale, Helmsdale , Scotland .  Cause of death - Carcinoma of Breast.  Death registered by ? Wahab, son.  Father deceased but mother still living. She married Charles James Wahab , married 27 Apr 1864 in 48 George Square, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland, b. 29 Mar 1837 in Madras, India, census 1861 in Garden Villa, Penicuik, Midlothian, Scotland, occupation 1861 Civil Engineer presently Foreman in Paper Mill, d. SEP 1882, census 1871 in 11 Mauricewood, Glencross, Edinburgh, occupation 1871 Civil Engineer.  Charles: At marriage from Penicuik. Civil Engineer Explorer. In 1871 census the following also listed in the household - Margaret Mclean aged 24years, a cook born Kilmorack, Inverness: Jessie Shearer aged 21 years, a Nursery Maid, born Thurso, Caithness:  Agnes Smith aged 19 years, Nurse and Table Maid, born St Cuthberts, Edinburgh .

       Noted on death certificate of his wife as Civil Engineer, deceased.


                      i.     Charles S Wahab , b. ABT 1867 in North Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland, census 1871 in 11 Mauricewood, Glencross, Edinburgh.  Other source gives middle initial as 'I'.

60.  James Smith , b. 26 Dec 1832 in Olrig, Caithness , Scotland , d. 1914.  He attended the first two years of the class of 1841-45 at Aberdeen University . He inherited the house and lands of  Olrig from his father and was a major in the Caithness Artillery Volunteers. He married Henrietta Elizabeth Sinclair Wemyss .


                      i.     James Alexander (Alec) Sinclair Wemyss Smith , b. ABT 1876.  He is said to have married against the wishes of his parents and been disinherited as a result. He then moved abroad and he appears not to have inherited any of his father’s property. He married Isobel Gibson . Isobel: Daughter of a Church of Scotland minister.

                      ii.    Elizabeth Mary Smith , b. ABT 1877.  Along with her sister, she inherited the house and lands of Olrig on the death of her father in 1914. The estate was sold to pay death duties and they moved to Ormlie Villa, Thurso, the dower house their grandmother (Isabella Ross) had lived in until her death in 1877.

                      iii.   Henrietta Ethel Smith , b. ABT 1879, d. 1966.  Buried Olrig Cemetery .

61.  Hector William Pope Smith , b. 3 Jan 1837 in Olrig, Caithness , Scotland , d. 23 Mar 1878 in Napier , New Zealand .  Birthplace Olrig is in Caithness ,Scotland . It is a couple of miles south of Castletown, which is a few miles east of Thurso, on the northcoast of the Scottish mainland. This is the property that James Smith bought in the 1790s from the Sinclairs, and his children, including Hector William Pope Smith, were all born there.

       Attended second and third years of class of 1854-58, and the second year of class of 1855-59 at Marschal College , Aberdeen .

       Hector W P Smith inherited quite a lot of money from his father, although his elder brother James inherited Olrig, Caithness . Went to New Zealand in 1860s and bought 29,000 acres near Napier.  Built this up into a successful sheep run.

       The property in New Zealand , he named Olrig Station, after his family home in Scotland . It is a few miles inland from Napier, which is on Hawkes Bay , on the east side of the north island of New Zealand . After a number of years, he felt he was able to leave the sheep station, and he sailed back to Scotland . (He kept a diary, which is one of our family's most prized possessions!). He married Anne Jane Barron back in Scotland , and they lived there for four years at Newton House near Elgin , the three oldest children being born there. They then went back out to New Zealand in September 1871, and the last two children (including "Mina") were born there. The descendants of two of Hector Smith's children still live on parts of the original sheep station he started.

       Hector William Pope Smith is buried in Old Napier Cemetery , Napier , New Zealand .   He married Anne Jane Barron , married 22 Jan 1867 in Aberdeen ,Scotland , d. 1877 in Napier , New Zealand .  Anne: Buried Old Napier Cemetery , Napier , New Zealand .


            82.     i.     James Hector Smith b. 26 Jan 1868.

            83.     ii.    Charles Alexander Smith b. 1 Jan 1869.

            84.     iii.   Hector Smith b. 6 Oct 1870.

            85.     iv.   Francis George Smith (Clerihew) b. 1872.

                      v.    George Alexander Pope Ross Smith , b. 1874, d. 8 Feb 1878 in Napier , New Zealand .

            86.     vi.   Wilhelmina Mary Smith b. 20 Apr 1874.

62.  Flora Ross Smith , b. 5 Jan 1825 in Olrig, Caithness , Scotland .  Left a legacy of £1000 in her uncle James's will. She married William Gordon , occupation Minister.  William: Reverend.


            87.     i.     Williamina (Minnie) Gordon .

63.  Andrew McLean , b. ABT 1826, d. ABT 1870.  There is an entry on Rootsweb on the internet giving Andrew  -  the word (Carrick?) in brackets as shown. Death date from the internet. He married Elizabeth Ross , married 7 Feb 1859 in Golspie, Sutherland , Scotland , b. 27 Jun 1829 in Golspie, Sutherland ,Scotland .


                      i.     Ann Ross McLean , b. 1859 in Ashby , Victoria , Australia .

                      ii.    Unnamed McLean , b. 1861 in Ashby , Victoria , Australia .

                      iii.   Richard McLean , b. 1862 in Footscray , Victoria , Australia .

                      iv.   John Ross McLean , b. 1864 in Melbourne , Victoria , Australia .

                      v.    Helen Elizabeth McLean , b. 1866 in Footscray , Victoria , Australia .

                      vi.   Katherine Alexandrina McLean , b. 1868 in Footscray , Victoria , Australia .

64.  Mary McLean , b. 3 Jan 1829 in Liverpool, England, census 1851 in Clyne, Sutherland, Scotland, occupation 1851 House Servant, d. 23 Jun 1900 in Dalry, Ayrshire, Scotland.  Baptised 15 February 1829 at St Anthony, Liverpool, Lancashire , England . She married John Brady , married 1856 in Edinburgh ,Scotland , b. 1830 in Ireland , occupation Blacksmith, d. 1 Aug 1901 in Dalry, Ayrshire , Scotland .  John: Blacksmith.  From Ireland .  Worked as a journeyman Blacksmith in the coal mines.


                      i.     Andrew McLean , b. 1852 in Clyne, Sutherland , Scotland .  Illegitimate son brought up by his grandmother Kathrain (Catherine).

                      ii.    Catherine Brady , b. 23 Feb 1856 in Leith, Scotland., d. 3 Feb 1936 in Cambuslang, Lanarkshire , Scotland .  She married George Bain , married 15 Jul 1887 in Cambuslang, Lanarkshire , Scotland .

                      iii.   Mary Brady , b. 24 Mar 1858 in Edinburgh , Scotland .

            88.     iv.   Sarah Brady b. 23 Aug 1860.

                      v.    John Brady , b. 1863 in Dalry, Ayrshire , Scotland .

                      vi.   Patrick Brady , b. 4 Aug 1865 in Dalry, Ayrshire , Scotland .

                      vii.  Mary Brady , b. 26 Apr 1868 in Dalry, Ayrshire , Scotland .  She married Robert Muir , married 7 Sep 1888 in Dalry, Ayrshire , Scotland .

                      viii. Eliza Brady , b. 2 Aug 1870 in Dalry, Ayrshire , Scotland .  She married William Ward , married 1891 in Cambuslang, Lanarkshire , Scotland .

                      ix.   Isabella Brady , b. 2 Jun 1874 in Dalry, Ayrshire , Scotland .  She married David Houston , married 19 Apr 1898 in Dalry, Ayrshire , Scotland.

66.  Hector Pope Melville , b. 26 Aug 1833 in Doll, Sutherland, Scotland, census 1841, occupation 1851 Apprentice Cartwright, d. 5 Feb 1900 in 19 Bedford St., Newtown, Sydney, Aust., census 1851 in Brora Village, Sutherland Scotland, occupation Wheelwright.  Went to Sydney , Australia -  travelled on the ' St Helena ' and arrived on 10th Dec. 1854.  Interred Rookwood Cemetery , Sydney . Sands Directory - 1883, 1891/92/93/95 and 1890 - profession listed as coachbuilder and wheelwright with address in all issues as Bedford Street , Newtown .  Given as Overseer on marriage certificate. Ship  details (1854) - Age 24, Farm Labourer, native of Clyne, Sutherlandshire, Paid £1, could read and write, no relatives in Colony. He married Eliza Bridget Houlihan , married 28 Aug 1857 in Sydney , Australia , b. ABT 1833 in Athy, Co. Kildare , Ireland , occupation Servant, d. 19 Oct 1897 in Newtown , Sydney , Australia .  Eliza: Born Athy, Co. Kildare , Ireland - 30 miles SW of Dublin. Buried plot 46419 Rookwood Cemetery , Sydney - husband also there. Servant.  Unable to write at time of marriage - signed with her mark 'x'. Travelled to Australia on the 'Samuel Boddington'. Variously described as Eliza or Bridget or Eliza B. in records and asElizabeth on death record. Surname spelt variously as Houlihan, Hoolahan and Holligan. On arrival- good health, 24 years, R.C., Read but not write.


                      i.     John Melville , b. 1858 in Glebe, Sydney, Australia, d. 29 Oct 1860 in Kingston, Sydney, Australia.  Died of 'croup' at the age of 2 years 10 months - three days duration. Buried in cemetery upon which Central Station Sydney now stands. Some graves moved - John's was moved where to Bunnerong Cemetery , Sydney , Section 4S, number 92 (Presbyterian Section), Plot 406.

                      ii.    Robertha M Melville , b. 1859 in St George, Sydney, Australia, d. 24 Oct 1860 in Kingston, NSW, Australia.  Died at the age of 1 year and 4 months of what appears from the certificate to be 'Teething' - one week's duration.. Buried in cemetery upon which Sydney 's Central Station now stands. Robertha's grave was moved to Bunnerong Cemetery , Sydney .  In 1969 the head stone was describes as in poor condition.

            90.     iii.   Isabella Melville b. 1861.

                      iv.   Mary Ann Melville , b. 26 Apr 1863 in Kingston, Sydney, Australia, d. 2 Sep 1878 in Newtown, Sydney, Australia.  Died at Bedford Street ,Newtown , Sydney .  Cause of death – inflammation of heart of some months duration. Buried Rookwood Cemetery , Sydney on3 September.

            91.     v.    Alexander Pope Melville b. 1865.

            92.     vi.   Robertha Melville b. 1866.

            93.     vii.  Adam Melville b. 1869.

            94.     viii. Martha Melville b. 1871.

                      ix.   Davina Melville , b. 16 Jan 1873 in Sydney , Australia , d. 4 Feb 1873 in Sydney , Australia .  Name as Devina on stone in RookwoodCemetery , Sydney .  Headstone fallen. Uncle, Alexander Melville, witness at funeral. Cause of death atrophy since birth.

                      x.    John Melville , b. 16 Jan 1873 in Sydney , Australia , d. 17 Jun 1873 in Newtown , Sydney , Australia .  Cause of death - atrophy ( 5 weeks). Buried Rookwood Cemetery , Sydney on 18 June 1873.  Death reported by Hector Melville, father.

            95.     xi.   William Hector Melville b. 1874.

67.  Isabella Melville , b. 24 Nov 1837 in Loth, Sutherland, Scotland, census 1841 in Brora Village, Brora, Sutherland, Scotland, d. 2 Oct 1870 in Carlton, Melbourne, Australia, census 1851 in Brora Village, Sutherland Scotland.  Isabella's sister, Mary, also married Adam Graham Melville. Isabella and Adam went to Australia between 1860 and 1863. She died at 21 Elgin Street , Carlton , Melbourne of an abscess of the lung and exhaustion. Nine and a half years inVictoria and age given as 30 though, in fact, she was actually nearly 33. Buried Melbourne General Cemetery – date of service 3rd Oct. 1870. She married Adam Graham Melville , married 10 Apr 1862 in Edinburgh , Scotland , b. 12 Feb 1842 in 11 South Canal St. , Edinburgh , Scotland , occupation Bookseller, d. 24 May 1921 in St Kilda, Melbourne , Australia .  Adam: Married two sisters, Isabella and Mary Melville and had seven children in all. First to Isabella and rest to Mary.  Married Mary in Adelaide . G-son of Alexander Melville & Margaret Graham who were cleared from Crislich, Clyne about 1815-20. They were last reported as going to Dundee .  Bookseller/Publisher of Melbourne . Third marriage recorded1901 - same year of death as 2nd wife. At birth in St Andrew's Parish father given as a Plumber.


                      i.     John Melville , b. 1863 in Carlton, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, d. 1863 in Carlton, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.  Buried MelbourneGeneral Cemetery - date of service 3rd January 1863.

68.  James Pope Melville , b. 17 Feb 1840 in Clyne, Sutherland, Scotland, census 1841 in Brora Village, Brora, Sutherland, Scotland, occupation Carpenter, d. 5 Aug 1911 in Lawson, NSW, Australia, census 1851 in Brora Village, Sutherland Scotland.  Went to New Zealand 21-6-1865 on 'Resolute' and later settled inAustralia . Death certificate of 1911 indicates James was in NSW, Australia for 36 years. Likely to have left Scotland before birth of second child arriving inNew Zealand in 1865. Went to Auckland areafirst arriving on 'The Resolute'. Occupation given as 'miner' in NZ -might have been after gold. Carpenter in 1890 directory - address 77 Wells Street , Newtown .

       Will dated 2 August 1911.  Wife Isabella sole beneficiary. Executors/Exectutrix - James Thomson (son-in-law), Frederick Brigden(son-in-law), James Pope (son), Isabella (wife). Witnesses; Alexander Melville (storekeeper of Newtown , nephew), Hector Melville (son) and William Melville (son).  On will, William Charles Melville described as 'Clerk, Chief Accounts Officer, Railways' and James Pope Melville(jnr) described as 'Clerk'.  Probate granted 25 October 1911 and estate sworn at £611-15-00 (net). He married Isabella Mackenzie , married 5 Jun 1863 in Helmsdale, Sutherland , Scotland , b. 18 Apr 1842 in Helmsdale, Sutherland , Scotland , d. 3 Sep 1930 in Sydney , Australia .  Isabella: M. Wt. John Mackenzie & John MacKay. Middle name may be Sutherland. Informant on death certificate is son, James Pope Melville. Died of cerebral haemorrhage and heart failure. Buried plot 38366 Rookwood Cemetery , Sydney . Message on stone 'A loving mother to all'. Funeral from 'daughter's house in Petersham. Address in 1891 given as 161Wells Street, Newtown and in 1892 as11 Wilson Street , Newtown .  In1901 at 37 Forbes Street , Newtown .


                      i.     Anne Murray Melville , b. 22 Jun 1863 in Clyne , Scotland , d. 24 Apr 1884.  Anne B. Scotland but not listed on Australian data sheet. Annie is buried in Paupers Section Rookwood Cemetery , Sydney .  On stone parents given as James Melville and Isabella MacKenzie. Also buried with her a child, Randolph   Murray Hunt Melville, aged 1 year.  Randolph born1882 at Milton & died 1883 at Waterloo .  At birth parents given as unknown and at death as Anthony Hunt Melville and  Ann Brown! This is the illegitimate son of Ann.  No death cert. found. Anne Murray the maternal grandmother of Anne (Annie).

                      ii.    Stillbirth Melville , b. ABT 1865.  Family tradition says that James and Isabella had 14 children. Was the 'missing' 14th child who probably died young or was a still birth born about this time or later in the gap between Roberta and the twin d, John and Isabella.

            96.     iii.   Roberta Pope Melville b. 10 Feb 1866.

            97.     iv.   John Melville b. 12 Mar 1870.

            98.     v.    Isabella Sutherland Skein Mckenzie Melville b. 12 Mar 1870.

                      vi.   James Pope Melville , b. 11 Jun 1871 in Shellback, Shortland, New Zealand, d. 17 Dec 1871 in Tararu, Shortland, New Zealand.  Death announced in New Zealand Herald.

            99.     vii.  James Pope Melville b. 31 Jan 1873.

            100.   viii. Mary Melville b. 12 Mar 1875.

            101.   ix.   Hugh MacKenzie Melville b. 11 Oct 1876.

            102.   x.    William Charles Melville b. 22 Mar 1878.

            103.   xi.   Hector Pope Melville b. 10 Apr 1880.

            104.   xii.  Lavina Melville b. 22 Nov 1881.

            105.   xiii. Beatrice Victoria Melville b. 12 Jan 1883.

                      xiv. Sydney Alexander Melville , b. 14 Feb 1886 in Wells, St., Redfern, Sydney, Australia, d. 21 Feb 1887 in Sydney, Australia.  Not shown on father's death cert. in 1911 and now known be one of '3 males deceased'.  Buried plot 38366 Rookwood Cemetery , Sydney . Message on stone 'In memory of Sydney '.  Apparently first of James and Isabella's children to be born in Sydney hence the name and additionally he was their last child. Death certificate not found.

69.  Alexander Melville , b. 15 Jun 1842 in Clyne, Sutherland, Scotland, census 1851 in Brora Village, Sutherland Scotland, occupation Blacksmith  Location: Engineer, d. 20 Mar 1920 in Newtown, Sydney, Australia.  All dates for Alexander's family are approximate and have to be confirmed. Arrived in Australia on 3rd Sept. 1863 on the 'Shackamaxon' with sister, Mary. A blacksmith, probably residing in East Milton , NSW in 1885 where in the Landholders index he is listed as one of six Melvilles. In 1898 on daughter Mary's death certificate he is described as ' Engineer'. Buried plot 140579 Rookwood Cemetery , Sydney . Other ship record information - father John Alexander Melville in ' Fife ' and mother dead; could read and write; brother, Hector, in Colony paid deposit. He married Martha Campbell , married 8 Nov 1866 in Kiama, NSW, Australia , b. ABT 1844, d. 3 Apr 1931 in Sydney , Australia .  Martha: Buried plot 140579Rookwood Cemetery , Sydney . Died on Good Friday at house of Alice and Robert Garrard, daughter and son-in-law.  Funeral from house of daughter - 106 Railway Avenue , Stanmore, Sydney.


            106.   i.     Alice Melville b. 12 Aug 1867.

            107.   ii.    Hector Pope Melville b. 12 Apr 1869.

            108.   iii.   Isabella Jane Melville b. 23 Apr 1871.

            109.   iv.   Martha Letitia Melville b. 21 Feb 1873.

            110.   v.    Alexander Melville b. 12 Jun 1875.

            111.   vi.   James Thomas Melville b. 21 Sep 1877.

                      vii.  Mary Ann Maud Melville , b. 26 Nov 1879 in Ulladulla, NSW, Australia , d. 30 Jul 1898 in Annandale , Australia .  Buried RookwoodCemetery , Sydney . Died at parents' residence – The Pines, View Street , Annandale , Sydney. 'Pet' name Cissie.

                             Cause of death - aposthic ulcer and haematomisis perferation of stomach.  Deathe reported by Phillip Smith, brother-in-law. Interred31 July 1898 at Independent Cemetery , Rookwood.

70.  Mary Melville , b. 8 Feb 1844 in Clyne, Sutherland, Scotland, census 1851 in Brora Village, Sutherland Scotland, d. 30 Sep 1901 in Royal Park, Melbourne, Australia.  Married Adam Graham Melville after death of her sister Isabella. Arrived Australia on 3rd Sept. 1863 on the 'Shackamaxon' with brother, Alexander.  Died at 274 The Avenue, Royal Park of unaemic convulsions and exhaustion.  Three years in NSW and 36 years in Victoria .  Gave birth to son before marriage to Adam and conceived only five months after the death of her sister, Isabella, who was Adam's first wife. Deposit for journey to Australia paid by brother Hector. She married Adam Graham Melville , married 8 Jan 1872 in Adelaide , Australia , b. 12 Feb 1842 in 11 South Canal St. , Edinburgh ,Scotland , occupation Bookseller, d. 24 May 1921 in St Kilda, Melbourne , Australia .  Adam: Married two sisters, Isabella and Mary Melville and had seven children in all. First to Isabella and rest to Mary.  Married Mary in Adelaide . G-son of Alexander Melville & Margaret Graham who were cleared from Crislich, Clyne about 1815-20. They were last reported as going to Dundee .  Bookseller/Publisher of Melbourne . Third marriage recorded1901 - same year of death as 2nd wife. At birth in St Andrew's Parish father given as a Plumber.


            112.   i.     David Graham Melville b. 22 Dec 1871.

            113.   ii.    Isabel Agnes Melville b. 1873.

                      iii.   Bertha Melville , b. 14 Sep 1874 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, d. 1945 in East Malvern, Melbourne, Australia.  Unmarried.

            114.   iv.   William Alexander Melville b. 2 Aug 1876.

            115.   v.    Charles Edward Melville b. 2 Nov 1877.

            116.   vi.   Adam Gib Melville b. 1 Feb 1880.

71.  William Melville , b. 6 Sep 1850 in Clyne, Sutherland, Scotland, census 1871 in Glashlochan, Clyne, Sutherland, Scotland, occupation 1871 Agricultural Labourer, d. 8 Oct 1912 in 76 Horne Street, Glasgow, Scotland, census 1851 in Brora Village, Sutherland Scotland, census 1881 in 47 Gardner Street, Glasgow, Scotland, census 1891 in Glasgow, Scotland (see notes), census 1901 in 76 Horne Street, Glasgow, Scotland, occupation 1881 Horse Shoer, occupation 1901 Blacksmith, occupation 1912 Tram Car Repairer.  In Braid Street , Glasgow in 1884.  In 1881 at 47 Gardner Street , Glasgow .  Lodger with Francis Duncan, Ann Duncan and their children Elizabeth, Janet and Robina.  Later married to Elizabeth Duncan who is likely to by Francis's sister. Died of Arterio Sclorosis, Nephritis and Cardial Haemorrhage.  Death reported by son, Charles Hood Melville.

       There was no census image for 1881 available on the internet site forthis person so full details not available though they could be ordered but presumably the record would be poor and not copiable. He married Elizabeth Davidson Duncan , b. ABT 1852 in Meldrum, Aberdeenshire , Scotland , census 1891 inGlasgow , Scotland (see notes), census 1901 in 76 Horne Street , Glasgow , Scotland .  Elizabeth: There was no census image for 1881 available on the internet site for this person so full details not available though they could be ordered but presumably the record would be poor and not copiable.


                      i.     Elizabeth A D Melville , b. ABT 1875 in Meldrum, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, census 1881 in Glasgow, Scotland (see notes), occupation 1901 Assistant Stationer, d. 23 Oct 1939 in Glasgow, Scotland, census 1901 in 76 Horne Street, Glasgow, Scotland.  There was no census image for 1881 available on the internet site for this person so full details not available though they could be ordered but presumably the record would be poor and not copiable.  Death reported in Northern Times notice.  Postmistress Shawlands succeeded by brother Charles Melville.

                      ii.    Mary Melville , b. ABT 1877 in Meldrum, Aberdeenshire.

                      iii.   William L Melville , b. ABT 1879 in Meldrum, Aberdeenshire.

                      iv.   Alexander D Melville , b. ABT 1882 in Meldrum, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, census 1891 in Glasgow, Scotland (see notes), occupation 1901 Electrical Engineer, census 1901 in 76 Horne Street, Glasgow, Scotland.  There was no census image for 1881 available on the internet site forthis person so full details not available though they could be ordered but presumably the record would be poor and not copiable.

                      v.    Charles Hood Melville , b. ABT 1886 in Glasgow, Scotland, census 1891 in Glasgow, Scotland (see notes), occupation Clerk - Loco Office, census 1901 in 76 Horne Street, Glasgow.  There was no census image for 1881available on the internet site for this person so full details not available though they could be ordered but presumably the record would be poor and not copiable.  Succeeded sister Elizabeth as postmaster at Shawlands, Glasgow.  Had a son Ian and a daughter. He married Williamina Grant , b. 12 Mar 1886 in Greenhill, Brora, Sutherland , Scotland .

72.  Margaret Wylie Pope , b. ABT 1830.  At 42 Langside Road , Govan, Lanark , Scotland in 1881 with her husband Robert, an Evangelical Union Minister, and her children Jane E. (22),Mary L. (17), Rosalee (12) and Charles J.M. (9). She married Robert Wallace , b. ABT 1820 in Old deer, Aberdeen-shire ,Scotland , d. 28 Oct 1888.  Robert: Evangelical Union Minister of Religion. Commemorated on Memorial Plaque to Robert Band Pope once situated in LothChurch , Sutherland , Scotland .


                      i.     Jane E Wallace , b. ABT 1859.

                      ii.    Mary L Wallace , b. ABT 1864.

                      iii.   Rosalee Wallace , b. ABT 1869.

                      iv.   Charles J M Wallace , b. ABT 1872.

73.  Jane Adelaide Pope , b. ABT 1831 in Leith, Scotland, census 1841 in Midlothian, Scotland, d. 18 Nov 1917 in Victoria, Australia, census 1851 in Edinburgh St Mary, Midlothian, Scotland.  A James Carmichael married an Ann Hood Pope in St Cuthbert Parish, Edinburgh in 1847.  Since there is a common name and since Hood was a middle name already occurring in the Melville family in the Doll a connection may exist.

       1881 census shows Jane, a widow, living in Gorton Loan Cottage, Lasswade, Midlothian with her daughter Emma (22). Family later emigrated to Australia .

       Jane lived in Kew , Victoria before moving to Byaduk. She married James Carmichael , married 14 Nov 1852 in Leith , Scotland , b. 1816 in Kinloch,Perthshire , Scotland , census 1841 in Argyll , Scotland , occupation 1841 Mason  Location: Craignish, Aird, Argyll , Scotland .  James: Corn Merchant. A James Carmichael married an Ann Hood Pope in St Cuthbert Parish, Edinburgh in 1847.  Since there is a common name and since Hood was a middle name already occurring in the Melville family in the Doll a connection may exist.


            117.   i.     Charles Carmichael b. 9 Aug 1854.

                      ii.    Jane Adelaide Carmichael , b. 21 Oct 1855.  Died as a teenager from TB.

                      iii.   Emma Carmichael , b. 19 Dec 1857.  Went to Victoria and lived at Byaduk.  No family. She married Albert Harmon .  Albert: No issue.

                      iv.   Percy Carmichael , b. 1 Apr 1860 in Springfield , Dundee , Scotland .

74.  William Pope , b. 2 Feb 1845 in Clyne, Sutherland, Scotland, census 1901 in Sputie, Doll, Sutherland, Scotland, occupation 1901 Crofter, d. 10 Sep 1907 in Sputie, Doll, Sutherland, Scotland, occupation 1872 Carter.  Illegitimate. Alternative birth date 16 July 1844 so date already given may be a baptismal one. In 1901 at Sputie, Doll with his wife and children, Catherine, Angus, Murdoch and Alexander. At marriage usual residence given as Helmsdale. On death certificate of his widow Occupation given as Farmer. He married Angusina Polson , married 11 Oct 1872 in Helmsdale, Sutherland, Scotland, b. ABT 1854 in Kildonan, Sutherland, Scotland, census 1901 in Sputie, Doll, Sutherland, Scotland, occupation 1901 Ladies Nurse, d. 17 Aug 1931 in Swordale, Bonar, Sutherland, Scotland, occupation 1872 House Servant.  Angusina: In 1901 at Sputie, Doll with husband and children, Catherine, Angus, Murdoch and Alexander.  At Marriage usual residence given as Helmsdale. Occupation given as Ladies Nurse.  Cause of death – cardiac debility chronic.  death reported by A B Noble Occupier.


                      i.     Catherine Pope , b. 13 Aug 1873 in Helmsdale, Sutherland, Scotland, census 1901 in Sputie, Doll, Sutherland, Scotland, occupation 1901 Crofter's Daughter, d. 15 Mar 1951 in Gower Street, Brora, Sutherland, Scotland.  In 1901 at Sputie, Doll. Occupation given in census as Crofters Daughter.

                      ii.    William Pope , b. 13 Mar 1875 in Sputie, Doll, Sutherland , Scotland .

                      iii.   John Pope , b. 11 Feb 1876 in Sputie, Doll, Sutherland , Scotland .

                      iv.   Robert Pope , b. FEB 1880 in Sputie, Doll, Sutherland , Scotland .

                      v.    Margaret Pope , b. 4 Nov 1881 in Sputie, Doll, Sutherland , Scotland .

                      vi.   Angus Pope , b. 21 Feb 1884 in Sputie, Doll, Sutherland, Scotland, census 1901 in Sputie, Doll, Sutherland, Scotland, occupation 1901 Carter, occupation 1923 Golf Green Keeper.  Birth informant - William Pope, father. In1901 at Sputie, Doll.  At marriage resident Gower Street , Brora.  Married in Free Church Fearn. Marriage witnesses - Jamesina Gray, Shandwick, and Henry Gunn, Ladiesloch, Brora. He married Living Gray .

            118.   vii.  Murdoch McLeod Pope b. 27 Jan 1886.

                      viii. Alexander Pope , b. 10 Nov 1887 in Sputie, Doll, Sutherland, Scotland, census 1901 in Sputie, Doll, Sutherland, Scotland.  In 1901 at Sputie, Doll with parents.

75.  Christina Ann Pope , b. ABT 1839, census 1841 in Rathen, Aberdeen-shire, d. 29 May 1880.  Death reported by Husband.  Cause of death - Typhoid Fever 8 days, Peritonitis 2 days. Buried Clynekirkton.  AKA Christian Ann Pope. She married Henry McLeod , married 9 Dec 1864 in Scourie, Sutherland ,Scotland , b. 15 Oct 1829 in Clyne, Sutherland , Scotland , occupation 1880 Journeyman House Carpenter, d. 9 Jul 1918 in Achrimsdale, Clyne, Sutherland ,Scotland .  Henry: Buried along with wife and two children in Clynekirkton. Death reported by James McLeod, son.


                      i.     Mary McLeod , b. 9 Jan 1865, d. 18 Dec 1865.

            119.   ii.    Alexandria McLeod b. 2 Dec 1866.

                      iii.   Duncan Pope McLeod , b. DEC 1869 in Achrimsdale, Clyne, Sutherland , Scotland .  He married Jean Irvine Gordon , married 13 Apr 1906 in Dornoch, Sutherland , Scotland , b. 1879.  Jean: Parents George Irvine and Jane Gordon.

                      iv.   ? MacLeod , b. 17 Jan 1872 in Achrimsdale, Clyne, Sutherland, Scotland, d. 17 Jan 1872 in Achrimsdale, Clyne, Sutherland, Scotland.  Lived for one hour. D. reported by father.

            120.   v.    James McLeod b. 12 Feb 1873.

                      vi.   William McLeod , b. 7 Oct 1875 in Achrimsdale, Clyne, Sutherland , Scotland .

                      vii.  Donald McLeod , b. ABT 1878, d. 24 Oct 1895.

76.  Williamina Pope , b. 4 Nov 1842 in Rathen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, census 1851 in Sangobeg, Durness, Sutherland, Scotland, occupation 1851 Scholar, d. 9 Jul 1932 in Tain, Ross and Cromarty, Scotland.  In Durness in 1851.  At death resident Morangie Farm Cottages, Tain. Death reported by daughter Margaret Urquhart, Kirkburn School Teacher. Cause of death - senile decay. She married Donald Urquhart , occupation Grieve.


                      i.     Margaret Urquhart .

77.  James Dunn Pope , b. 28 Oct 1819 in Boyle County, Rosscommon, Ireland, census 1841 in Rathen, Aberdeen-shire, Scotland, occupation Stone Mason, d. 21 Jan 1908 in Melbourne, Australia, occupation 1841 Apprentice Mason.  Born during the time his father's regiment was in Ireland .  His mother died inIreland in 1826.

       Departed from Wick , Scotland Sept. 1854.  Arrived Australia Dec. 1854on Nabob, a ship of Irish registration.  Member of the Orange Lodge of Victoria . Stone Mason to trade.  In 1841 census living with a Davidson family in Strathellie, Aberdeenshire.

       Marriage date may be 28 June 1856. He married Isabella Stitt , married 28 Feb 1857 in Emerald Hill , Victoria , Australia , b. 1832 in Kirkudbright , Scotland , occupation Stewardess, d. 1885 in Melbourne , Australia .  Isabella: Stewardess.


                      i.     Edna Pope .

                      ii.    Robert Pope .

                      iii.   Janet Pope .

                      iv.   James Pope , b. 1857, d. 27 Jan 1858 in Melbourne , Australia .

            121.   v.    James Pope b. 9 Sep 1858.

            122.   vi.   Francis John Pope b. 19 Feb 1864.

                      vii.  Adam Melville Pope , b. 1865, d. 21 Nov 1865.

                      viii. Alexander Pope , b. 1866 in Melbourne, Australia, d. 17 Nov 1866 in Melbourne, Australia.

                      ix.   Duncan McIntyre Pope , b. ABT 1868, d. 5 Oct 1885.

                      x.    Hugh Pope , b. 1870 in Melbourne , Australia .

                      xi.   Alexander Cooper Pope , b. 1872 in Melbourne , Australia , buried 17 Dec 1873 in Melbourne , Australia .

                      xii.  Isabella Donald Pope , b. 1874 in Rokeby, Macquarie River, Tasmania, d. 11 Jul 1886 in Melbourne, Australia.

78.  Alexander Pope , b. 1819, d. 31 Jul 1903 in Tongue Parish, Sutherland , Scotland .  Labourer.  On death certificate place of death given as 'Skinnid'. Pauper. Death reported by Inspector of the Poor.  Death report gives wife and mother a Johanna Mackay.  This may be a mistake since this man was elderly at death and the report was by a non-relative.  He certainly married Mary MacKenzie on the date indicated.

       He does not appear in the 1851 or 1861 census with his family though being a fisherman he might have been away from home at the time.

       Evander McIver, Factor to the Sutherland Estate, states in his notebook written about 1847 - Fangamore - Alex Pope - Strong man – a Sailor - Son of Hugh Pope - no land. He married Mary MacKenzie , married 7 Dec 1843 in Eddrachilles, Sutherland , Scotland , b. ABT 1825 in Sangobeg, Durness, Sutherland ,Scotland .


                      i.     Catherine Pope , b. ABT 1845 in Eddrachillis, Sutherland , Scotland .

                      ii.    William Pope , b. ABT 1847 in Eddrachillis, Sutherland , Scotland .

                      iii.   Johan Pope , b. ABT 1849 in Eddrachillis, Sutherland , Scotland .

                      iv.   Mirran Pope , b. ABT 1853 in Eddrachillis, Sutherland , Scotland .

                      v.    Hugh Pope , b. ABT 1854 in Eddrachillis, Sutherland, Scotland, occupation 1934 Retired Seaman.  Death reported by Anne B Noble, Occupier - probably in charge of Swordale Poor House, Bonar. Cause of death cerbral haemorrhage and cardiac failure. He married Sarah McCuish . Sarah: Deceased in 1934.

                      vi.   Andrina Pope , b. 1860 in Eddrachillis, Sutherland , Scotland .

            123.   vii.  Alexander Pope b. 5 Sep 1863.

79.  James Pope , b. 1824 - 1825, occupation Crofter, d. 9 Oct 1901 in Talmine, Sutherland , Scotland .  There is a double entry on the same OPR page for a James Pope born to Hugh Pope.  In one instance the mother is noted as Johanna Mackay. One entry is for April 1824 and the other for February 1825.  The second James may have been named after the first James who died or there may have been a later addition to the records to correct an entry which was wrong or indeed missed in the first instance. Crofter. Death reported by son, John.  Cause of death - Disease of upper maxilla.  Informant John Pope. He married Elizabeth Fleming , married 30 Jan 1852 in Eddrachillis, Sutherland , Scotland , b. 1825, d. 4 May 1913 in Talmine Sutherland , Scotland .  Elizabeth : Flemings may have been neighbours of Popes in Scourie.  Death reported by son, John Pope.


                      i.     Margaret Pope , b. ABT 1856, d. 27 Nov 1890 in Talmine, Sutherland , Scotland .  Death reported by Murdo Macpherson, Brother-in-Law. She married Donald Macpherson , occupation Seaman.  Donald: Seaman.

            124.   ii.    John McKay Pope b. 25 Jan 1857.

                      iii.   Johan Pope , b. 1862, d. 20 Sep 1901 in Talmine, Sutherland , Scotland .  Death reported by her husband, Hugh Mackay. She married Hugh MacKay , occupation Crofter.  Hugh: Crofter.

                      iv.   Jane Pope , b. ABT 1867.  In 1881 and 1891 in Tongue.

80.  Ann Pope , b. ABT 1831 in Sangobeg, Durness, Sutherland, Scotland, census 1861 in Fangamore, Eddrachillis, Sutherland, Scotland, occupation 1861 Fisherman's Wife, census 1871 in Geocrab, Harris, Inverness-shire, Scotland.  Father Hugh Pope and her mother, Johanna, with her in Harris in 1871census. She married Norman McAulay , b. ABT 1831 in Harris, Inverness-shire , Scotland , census 1861 in Fangamore, Eddrachillis, Sutherland , Scotland , occupation 1861 Fisherman, census 1871 in Geocrab, Harris, Inverness-shire , Scotland , occupation 1871 Fisherman.


                      i.     Chirsty Anne McAulay , b. ABT 1861 in Eddrachillis, Sutherland , Scotland .

                      ii.    Johanna McAulay , b. ABT 1863 in Eddrachillis, Sutherland , Scotland .

                      iii.   Murdo McAulay , b. ABT 1867 in Pulteney, Caithness , Scotland .

                      iv.   Jemima McAulay , b. ABT 1870 in Harris, Inverness-shire , Scotland .

81.  Roy McKay Pope , b. 28 Jan 1835 in Sangobeg, Durness, Sutherland, Scotland, occupation 1864 Master Mariner, d. 1 May 1871 in In Sea, South Shields, Durham, England.  Probably the Roy given in OPR though given as just McKay Pope in 1841census.  Seems to have been generally know as McKay Pope. Was traced to South Shields, Durham , England where died in drowning accident when boat upturned while salmon fishing at the age of 33 years. Coroner's Inquest at Chester Le Street on 2nd May 1871 and death registered on4th May.   Married in South Shields and certificate gave both parties as of full age' though, in fact, his bride Jane was very young 16 or17 years. He married Jane Scott , married 16 Mar 1864 in Holy Trinity, South Shields, Durham , England , b. 4 Mar 1847 in South Shields, Durham , England .  Jane: Year of death requires checking as it might be out by one year eitherway.


                      i.     Sarah Pope , b. ABT 1867 in County Durham, England, d. 1882 in South Shields, Durham, England.

                      ii.    Hannah Pope , b. ABT 1869 in County Durham, England, d. 1874 in South Shields, Durham, England.

Generation Nine

82.  James Hector Smith , b. 26 Jan 1868 in Elgin , Morayshire , Scotland , d. 21 Sep 1952 in Axminster, Devon England .  On the death of his parents in New Zealand, he was taken back (before, but followed later by his brothers and sister) to Scotland, and brought up at Banniskirk House, which is a few miles from Olrig house in Caithness and was rented for them by their uncle, James Smith of Olrig. He returned to New Zealand for a while where he was cadetted to a family in the Hawkes Bay region.

       He sold his share of his father’s property in 1906, and although most of that inheritance was subsequently lost due to an unsound investment, his only ever occupation was - Gentleman!

       Appears to have taken name of Brookes-Smith after marriage.

       He owned a property in the South of England which he called Olrig.

       He died as a result of crashing his motorcycle in 1952, at the age of84. He married Ellen Brookes , married 1894 in Blaby, Leicestershire , England , b. 1863 in Croft, Leistershire , England .


                      i.     Phyllis Dorothy Brookes-Smith , b. 26 Oct 1895 in Totnes, Devon, England, occupation Teacher, d. 5 Aug 1974 in India.  Teacher in a church school in India .  Lived most of adult life in India . Unmarried.

            125.   ii.    Living Brookes-Smith .

            126.   iii.   Colin Hector William Brookes-Smith b. 4 Feb 1899.

83.  Charles Alexander Smith , b. 1 Jan 1869 in Elgin , Morayshire , Scotland , d. 24 Feb 1908.  Inherited a share of his father's lands at Olrig Station , New Zealand . Grand-daughters live on part of this land (2002). He married Mildred Gwendolyn Nelson , b. 20 Jul 1874, d. 14 Oct 1898.  Mildred: Died in child birth.


                      i.     Charles Edward Nelson Smith , b. 1898, d. 1976.

84.  Hector Smith , b. 6 Oct 1870 in Elgin , Morayshire , Scotland , d. ABT 1945.  Like his brothers and sisters, he was taken back to Scotland after the death of his parents.  he returned to New Zealand as an adult. Descendants still farm much of his share of  father's land. He married Gertrude Constance Nelson , married 27 Feb 1899.


                      i.     Gretchen Smith .

                      ii.    Olga Smith .

                      iii.   R. G. Smith .  Not sure if this child male or female.

                      iv.   Judy Smith .

                      v.    Ian Smith , d. 1944.

85.  Francis George Smith (Clerihew) , b. 1872, occupation Lawyer.  Brought up in Aberdeenshire , Scotland after death of parents by mother's sister and brother-in-law - Anne Barron and Francis Clerihew. Changed his name to Clerihew.  His share of father's lands sold and he became a lawyer in England .


                      i.     Clive Clerihew .

86.  Wilhelmina Mary Smith , b. 20 Apr 1874 in Olrig, Hawkes Bay , New Zealand , d. 8 Feb 1965 in England .  Buried in Inverness , Scotland . She married Charles James Roy Fraser , married 14 Nov 1895 in Episcopal Church, Nairn , Scotland , b. NOV 1863 in Merlewood, Inverness , Scotland , occupation Captain, d. 8 Oct 1935 in Lochavich House, Kilchrenan , Scotland .  Charles: Captain.  Buried in Tomnahurich Cemetery , Inverness .


                      i.     Mary Charlotte Roy Fraser , b. 1896, d. 1992.

87.  Williamina (Minnie) Gordon .  Known as Minnie. She married William MacDonald , occupation Solicitor.


                      i.     Margaret MacDonald .

            127.   ii.    Ronald Ross Munro MacDonald .

88.  Sarah Brady , b. 23 Aug 1860 in Kilbirnie, Ayrshire , Scotland , d. 31 Dec 1933 in Toronto , Canada .  She married Joseph McCarrol , married 21 Dec 1882 in Dalry, Ayrshire , Scotland , b. 4 May 1859 in Dalry, Ayrshire , Scotland , d. 8 Aug 1918 in Uddingston, Lanarkshire , Scotland .


                      i.     Mary McCarrol , b. 28 Dec 1878 in Dalry, Ayrshire, Scotland, d. 15 Apr 1935 in Dalry, Ayrshire, Scotland.  She married Thomas Sanders , married 31 Jul 1899 in Dalry, Ayrshire , Scotland .

                      ii.    John McCarrol , b. 23 Oct 1882 in Dalry, Ayrshire, Scotland, d. 11 Jan 1942 in Dalry, Ayrshire, Scotland.  He married (1) Jane McLean Rollie, married 31 Dec 1902 in Dalry, Ayrshire , Scotland .  He married (2) Janet McGimpsey .

                      iii.   Annie McCarrol , b. 8 Sep 1883 in Dalry, Ayrshire , Scotland .  She married David Eaglesham .

                      iv.   Agnes McCarrol , b. 1 Sep 1885 in Torryburn, Fife, Scotland, d. 9 Dec 1924 in Syracuse, New York, USA.  She married Thomas Gilbert .

                      v.    William McCarrol , b. 22 Apr 1887 in Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland, d. 22 Sep 1887 in Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland.

                      vi.   Joseph McCarrol , b. 9 Jul 1888 in Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland, d. 18 Feb 1951 in Toronto, Canada.  He married Living Kilpatrick .

                      vii.  Sarah McCarrol , b. 23 May 1890 in Cambusnethan, Lanarkshire , Scotland , d. JUL 1963 in Toronto , Canada .  She married Living Kirk .

                      viii. William McCarrol , b. 4 Apr 1892 in Cambusnethan, Lanarkshire, Scotland, d. 16 Sep 1923 in Glasgow, Scotland.  He married Living Halliday.

                      ix.   Thomas McCarrol , b. 23 Jan 1894 in Newton , Cambuslang, Lanarkshire, Scot., d. 3 May 1962 in New York , USA .  He married Eliza ? .

                      x.    Isabella McCarrol , b. 25 Mar 1896 in Newton, Cambusland, Lanarkshire, Scot., d. 31 Aug 1924 in Atlantic City, New York, USA.

                      xi.   James McCarrol , b. 11 Nov 1897 in Dalry, Ayrshire, Scotland, d. 23 Apr 1953 in Toronto, Canada.  He married Isabella Ward .

                      xii.  Hamilton McCarrol , b. 10 Apr 1900 in Dalry, Ayrshire , Scotland , d. 25 Aug 1961 in Toronto , Canada .  He married Annie Crawford .

            128.   xiii. Robert McCarrol b. 10 Apr 1900.

                      xiv. Living McCarrol .  He married Isabella Henderson .

                      xv.  Neil McCarrol , b. 8 Jul 1903 in Dalry, Ayrshire, Scotland, d. 24 Feb 1979 in Toronto, Canada.  He married Robina Barcley .

90.  Isabella Melville , b. 1861 in Kingston , Sydney , Australia , d. 1 Jun 1936.  She married Edward Frinsdorf , married 17 Sep 1884 in Newtown , Sydney ,Australia , b. 15 Sep 1858 in Enfield , Australia , d. 16 Nov 1932 in North Adelaide , South Australia .  Edward: At birth Johann Eduard Frinsdorf.  Farmer. 1887 - Land and Estate Agent. 1898-1903 on Glenelg Council, JP; 1904 on Adelaide Council;1910 Chief of the Fire Brigades Board - on FBB for 23 years and given Fireman's Funeral at his death in 1932. Aunt, Bertha, witness at wedding of Adam and Mary Melville. Inherited some money after grandmother's death - went for holiday to Sydney where he met Isabella Melville and later married her.


                      i.     Hector Frederick Frinsdorf , b. 11 Sep 1885 in Adelaide , Australia , d. 10 May 1891 in Adelaide , Australia .

            130.   ii.    Frederick Bruno Frinsdorf b. 13 Apr 1888.

                      iii.   Bertha Frinsdorf , b. 1892 in Adelaide , Australia , d. 3 Feb 1963.  No children. She married M. F. Taylor .  M.: No children.

91.  Alexander Pope Melville , b. 1865 in Kingston, Sydney, Australia, occupation Coach Painter, d. 23 Nov 1917 in Newtown, Sydney, Australia.  Buried plot 66393 Rookwood Cemetery , Sydney .  On stone 'My husband, Erected by his wife'. On death certificate of son William, Alexander is also given name William - may be a mistake. At 26 Rowley St.Camperdown in 1900. In 1901 head of household at 19 Bedford Street, Newtown, Sydney (3 males & 6 females) Melville Brothers, Wheelwright Business at 7/13 Bedford Street. Melville Bros, Paint Shop, at 3 Denison Street - around corner from Bedford Street . Described on d.cert. as Coach Painter.  Died of Cerebral Thrombosis. He married Ada Sarah James , married 1887 in Newtown , Sydney , Australia , b. 20 Apr 1867 in Off Carrr Street, Coogee, NSW, Australia , d. 5 May 1919 in Sydney , Australia .  Ada : Buried plot 66393 Rookwood Cemetery , Sydney .  On stone 'Wife of the a bove'. Also on a marble plaque 'Dear Aunty'. Cause of death was pneumonic influenza and chronic nephrites.  'Flu' epidemic at this time in which large numbers died.  Informant Alexander Melville.


            131.   i.     Mabel Melville b. 1887.

            132.   ii.    Grace Melville b. 1888.

            133.   iii.   Ada Ethel Robertha Melville b. 1890.

            134.   iv.   Hector James Melville b. 1892.

            135.   v.    Devina Mary Melville b. 1894.

            136.   vi.   Alexander William Melville b. 1897.

            137.   vii.  Living Melville .

                      viii. Dorothy Zelma Melville , b. 1901 in Newtown, Sydney, Australia, d. 24 Dec 1908 in Newtown, Sydney, Australia.  Died from a fracture of skull accidentally received through being knocked down by a tram in King Street , Newtown .  A coronial inquest was held in Sydney on 29 December 1908.  Interred at Presbyterian Cemetery , Rookwood on 26 December 1908.

                      ix.   Walter J. Melville , b. 1903 in Newtown, Sydney, Australia, d. 16 Mar 1915 in Camperdown, Sydney, Australia.  Died at Royal Prince AlfredHospital , Camperdown, Sydney of septic pneumonia and lateral sinus thrombosis.  Death reported by brother, Hector.  Buried 17 March atPresbyterian Cemetery , Rookwood.

            138.   x.    Olive Eileen Melville b. 1905.

            139.   xi.   Sylvia Carmen Melville b. 1905.

            140.   xii.  Cecil Gordon Frederick Melville b. 1907.

                      xiii. Donald Robert Melville , b. 1909 in Newtown, Sydney, Australia, occupation Presser, d. 11 Jul 1975 in Royal South Sydney Hospital, Zetland, Sydney, Australia.  Late of 1443 Botany Road , Botany , Australia .  Informant Elaine Samuels, Niece (#3044).

92.  Robertha Melville , b. 1866 in Sydney, Australia, d. 28 Feb 1919 in Abbott Street, Coogee, Sydney, Australia.  Cause of death valvular disease of heart - informant was husband. Buried in Prebyterian Cemetery , Randwick General, Cemetery. She married Murdoch McKenzie , married 1888 in Newtown ,Sydney , Australia , b. ABT 1865 in Braidwood, NSW, Australia , occupation Electrical Foreman.  Murdoch: Electrical Foreman with Harbour Trust. Second marriage -brother-in-law marrying sister-in-law.


                      i.     Robertha McKenzie , b. 1889 in Newtown, Sydney, Australia, d. 11 Jul 1914 in Abbott Street, Coogee,  Sydney, Australia.  Died at parents' residence.  Buried at Randwick General cemetery on13th July 1914. She married Living Shepherd .

                      ii.    Wallace McKenzie , b. 1891 in Newtown, Sydney, Australia, occupation Warehouseman, d. 27 Jan 1941 in Rozelle, Sydney, Australia. Details from service records - Ht five feet nine and one quarter inches, wt 148lbs, complexion tan, eyes blue, hair brown.  Enlisted14th June 1916. Address at time Abbott Street , Coogee. Unit 5th Field Artillery Brigade. Fought in France - wounded 11th August 1917.Admitted to Military Hosp. Tidworth for mental illness. Returned to Australia 1918. Medals - British War Medal, Victory Medal.  Occupation Warehouseman. Military Pensioner. Died Callan Park Mental Hospital . Cause - Chronic Colitis. Buried Randwick .

            141.   iii.   Hector Melville MacKenzie b. 1893.

            142.   iv.   Bruce MacKenzie b. 1895.

93.  Adam Melville , b. 1869 in Kingston, Sydney, Australia, occupation Coach Painter, d. 1928 in Newtown, Sydney, Australia.  Coach Painter. He married Winifred McTigue , married 26 Nov 1898 in Sydney , Australia , b. 1876 in Sydney , Australia , occupation Music Teacher.  Winifred: Formerly married to Adam Melville.  Music Teacher.


                      i.     John William Melville , b. 1899 in Newtown, Sydney, Australia, occupation Professional Musician - Pianist, d. 29 Sep 1955 in Sydney, Australia.  Unmarried. Residence at death, 114, Crinan Street , Hurlstone Park , Sydney ..  Interred Catholic Cemetery , Rookwood on 30 September 1955.

            143.   ii.    Hector Melville b. 1901.

                      iii.   William Melville , b. 1902 in Newtown, Sydney, Australia, d. 1903 in Newtown, Sydney, Australia.

94.  Martha Melville , b. 1871 in St George, Sydney, Australia, d. 5 Nov 1927 in Burwood, Sydney, Australia.  Died at Highburg Private Hospital , Burwood,Sydney .  Cause of death -Arterio Sclerosis (unclear) and Cerebral Haemorhage.  Informant was John Downward, husband.  The address at the time of death was Moseley Street , Strathfield, Sydney.  Buried at Presbyterian Cemetery , Rookwood. She married John Nicol Downward , married 1900 in Newtown ,Sydney , Australia , b. 5 Oct 1872, occupation Engineer, d. 19 Aug 1935 in Kensington, Sydney , Australia .  John: John Nicol Downward is said to have gone 'to live with the Melvilles'after his wife died.  Interred at Rookwood, Crematorium.  Service held 20th August, 1935.  Resident of 58 Mooramie Avenue, Kensington, Sydney at  time of death.  Died of Duodenal Ulcer Haemerrhage & Broncho Pnuemonia. Death Cert indicates John Married a 2nd time to Effie MayClarke in 1927. Engineer. Probably worked at Sydney Technical College .

       At the time of his second marriage John listed his place of residence as Kensington, Sydney.


                      i.     Living Downward .

                      ii.    Living Downward .

95.  William Hector Melville , b. 1874 in Newtown, Sydney, Australia, buried 23 Sep 1919 in Buried Presbyterian Cemetery, occupation Telephone Engineer, d. 22 Sep 1919 in Redfern, Sydney, Australia.  Telephone Engineer.  Usual place of residence at marriage was Strathfield. Place of death - 1 Solander Road , Daceyville, Sydney. Cause of death - Chronic Ulcerative TB of Lungs - duration 20 years. Informant - Murdoch McKenzie, brother-in-law.  BuriedPresbyterian Cemetery . Data given as 3 children alive, 1 male deceased – at variance with data from other source which suggested dead child a girl, Hester or Esther. He married Emily Fiddes Blain , married 23 Oct 1905 in Woolahra , New South Wales , Australia , b. 1879 in Hawthorn, Melbourne , Victoria ,Australia , d. 3 Apr 1934 in Redfern, Sydney , Australia .  Emily: Resident Paddington at marriage. Resident at Daceyville, Sydney at time of death.  Buried Roman Catholic portion of Randwick General Cemetery , Sydney .  Age in register 54. Funeral Service held at St Michael's Church, Daceyville, Sydney. Buried 4th April 1934.   Known as Millie.


                      i.     Hester Elizabeth Melville , b. 1906 in Woollahra, NSW, Australia, d. 25 Feb 1907 in Woollahra, NSW, Australia.  Given as Hester in 1906 and as Esther in 1907.  Died aged 10 months of Tubercular Meningitis of two weeks duration.  Death reported by William Melville, father. Address given as Woods Avenue , Woolahra. Interred at Roman Catholic Cemetery , Waverley , Sydney .

                      ii.    Hector Garner Melville , b. 6 Feb 1909 in Woollahra, NSW, Australia , occupation Lorry Driver, d. 1980.  Lorry Driver.  At marriage resident at 26 Wilson Street , Mascot, Sydney .   In 1/45 A.I.F. in WWII reaching the rank of Sgt. (1942-43).Probably the Hector buried, with no headstone, at Wamberal Cemetery 80kms north of Sydney . Date given as 29th April 1980. He married Jessie Louise Hardacre , married 23 Dec 1940 in Redfern, Sydney , Australia , b. 1908 in Mascot, Sydney , Australia , occupation Boot Machinist, d. 7 Jul 1960 in Zetland, Sydney, NSW, Australia .  Jessie: At marriage resident at 26 Wilson Street , Mascot, Sydney . Boot Machinist. In 1933 Sydney Directory address  of William Hardacre Snr as above and William Hardacre Jnr across the road at No. 25.  Died at Royal South Sydney Hospital .  Residence at time of death - 27 Wilson Street , Mascot, Sydney .  Cause of death - Liver Metastasis and Breast Cancer.  Cremated at Eastern Suburbs Crematorium, Sydney on 8 July1960.  No issue of the marriage to Hector G. Melville.

                      iii.   Living Melville .

                      iv.   Living Melville .

96.  Roberta Pope Melville , b. 10 Feb 1866 in Otahuhu, Auckland , New Zealand , d. 8 Jul 1922.  Married with children.  Interred Rookwood Cemetery ,Sydney .  Message on stone 'Our mother, wife and mother and true friend to all'. Lived at Croydon, Sydney.  Died at Western Suburbs Hospital , Croydon,Sydney . Residence - 'Helmsdale', Cheltenham Road , Croydon. (May be Burwood). She married Frederick Edward Brigden , married 1890 in Redfern ,Australia , b. ABT 1861, occupation Joiner, d. 20 Oct 1918 in Burwood, Sydney.  Frederick : Interred Rookwood Cemetery , Sydney , Message on stone 'My husband and our father. A man always'.  Died at residence - 'Helmsdale, Cheltenham Road , Burwood.  Joiner to trade, Senior Trustee of Furnishing Trades Society - members of society requested to attend his funeral.


            144.   i.     Anne Roberta Alice Brigden b. 1891.

            145.   ii.    James Frederick Brigden b. 24 Mar 1892.

                      iii.   Isabella Brigden , b. 1894 in Redfern, Sydney, Australia, d. 1955 in Paddington, New South Wales, Australia.  Known as Bella.

97.  John Melville , b. 12 Mar 1870 in Grahamstown, Shortland, New Zealand, occupation Farrier, d. 19 Aug 1918 in Charles Street, Lawson, NSW, Australia. Married with children. Blacksmith. On M. cert. given as Farrier Twin to Isabella(838A).  Witness at M. - William & Lavina, bro. & sister. Married at his place of abode - 'Clarendon', Forbes Street , Redfern. Fathers  address possibly (No. 37).  Residence at death given as Lawson. Buried plot 38366 RookwoodCemetery , Sydney .  Message on stone 'Both loved and honoured' - also a Masonic symbol. Known as Jack. Died of T.B. He married Alice Ellen Ryan Robinson , married 4 Jul 1901 in Redfern, Sydney , Australia , b. 1880 in Glebe, Sydney , Australia , occupation Sales Woman, d. 24 Jun 1967 in 21 Pritchard Street , Thornleigh, Sydney , Australia .  Alice : Alice married for second time in 1922 at Annandale to Joseph Leighton. A son Colin J Leighton born about 1922 mentioned on Alice 's death certificate  - possibly from this marriage but could be from Joseph's earlier marriage. Father unknown and mother Catherine Robinson and the implication from the NSW index is that Alice was illegitimate - to be confirmed as Alice in Melville in family tree. Boot Store Saleswoman. Address at Marriage - 4 Upper Street , Glebe, Sydney . In absence of father and only 20 years permission of Deputy Register General, Guardian of Minors, required for marriage. Funeral service held 26June 1967 at Northern Suburbs Crematorium, Sydney , Australia .


            146.   i.     Living Melville .

                      ii.    John Mackenzie Melville , b. 1906 in Newtown, Sydney, Australia, occupation Blacksmith, d. 23 Jan 1937 in Five Dock, Sydney, Australia. Blacksmith.  Invalid Pensioner at death. Died of Tubular Nephritis and Tubular Cystitis.  Informant at death - sister, Annie Armstrong. Died at 67 Russell Street , Five Docks.  Mason (Lodge Victoria 113) attended funeral. Buried Methodist Cemetery , Rookwood.

                      iii.   Alice A. Melville , b. 1908 in Newtown, Sydney, Australia, d. 28 Mar 1925 in St John's Church, Campsie, Sydney, Australia.  Interred inRookwood Cemetery , Sydney .  Masonic Lodge (Undercliffe) attended funeral.  Lived at Undercliffe at time of death.

98.  Isabella Sutherland Skein Mckenzie Melville , b. 12 Mar 1870 in Grahamstown, Shortland, New Zealand, d. 29 Nov 1938 in Canterbury, Sydney, Australia.  Twin to John(837A).  Died at 42 King Street , Ashbury.  cause of death- hypostatic congestion, rheumatosis arthritis, paralysis agitans. Informant at death - F. MacGregor, son-in-law.  Buried Presbyterian Cemetery , Rookwood. She married Ernest Alexander Munro , married 1893 in Redfern , Australia , b. 1863 in Ryde, Sydney , Australia , occupation Insurance Agent, occupation Grocer.  Ernest: Had a small shop in Darlington, Sydney . Amy Joyce Melville can recall visiting the shop. Insurance Agent in one source but Grocer on marriage certificate of daughter, Gladys..


                      i.     Ernest A. G. Munro , b. 1893 in Redfern, Sydney, Australia, d. 1908 in Glebe, Sydney, Australia.

            147.   ii.    Gladys Evelyn Munro b. 1895.

                      iii.   Isabella Margaret Munro , b. 1897 in Redfern, Sydney , Australia , d. 1970.

            148.   iv.   Roberta Florence Munro b. 1901.

            149.   v.    James Melville Munro b. 1906.

                      vi.   Alice Edna MacKenzie Munro , b. 1912 in Sydney, Australia, occupation Clerk, d. 22 Jul 1987 in Sydney, Australia.  Clerk. Place of residence in 1940 - Croydon, Sydney . Marriaged dissolved 21 Octber 1946 - Petitioner, Alice.

                             Interred at Northern Suburbs Crematorium, Sydney .  Predeceased by husband, Frank.  Only children of Frank's 1st marriage to Alice 's sister Roberta indicated in death notices. She married (1) Living Rathbone .  She married (2) Frank Fripp Macgregor , married ABT 1955, b. 1904, d. 7 Oct 1959 in Sydney , NSW, Australia .  Frank: Married to Isabella and Alice Munro, sisters.  Cause of death -Disease of Heart.  Cremated at Northern Suburbs Crematorium on 9October 1959.  Informant of death was brother, A. MacGregor.  Of 11Carson Street, Pymble , Sydney at time of death.

99.  James Pope Melville , b. 31 Jan 1873 in Shellback, Shortland, New Zealand, occupation Customs Department, d. 14 Jul 1948 in Sydney, Australia.  First James born and died 1871 and this child then named James. Worked in Customs Department in Australia . On father's will in 1911 described as 'clerk'. Bred Champion Fox Terrier Dogs at Brighton Beach .  Known as Jim.  Died at St. George's Hospital , Sydney .  Late of 165 Russell Avenue , Sans Souci, Sydney. Interred at Rockwood Crematorium, Sydney. Death certificate described him as 'retired railway employee'.  Causeof death - congestive cardiac failure, carcinoma of prostrate.  Lived at 165 Russell Avenue , Sans Souci, Sydney. He married Florence May Elvy , married 1901 in Redfern, Sydney , Australia , b. 1877 in Redfern, Sydney , Australia , d. 13 Jan 1967 in Sydney , Australia .  Florence : Probably known as Florrie. Residence at time of death 165 Russell Avenue , Doll's Point, Sydney .


            150.   i.     William Elvy Melville b. 1902.

                      ii.    Living Melville .  She married Living Baker .

100.  Mary Melville , b. 12 Mar 1875 in Christchurch, New Zealand, d. 12 Sep 1948 in Western Suburbs Hosp., Sydney, Australia.  Known as Polly.  Resident7 Randle St ,. Newtown in 1904.  At  63Regatta Rd., Fivedock in 1910 and 1917.  Died 12 Sept. 1948 aged 69years in  Died Western Suburbs Hospital and buried Presbyterian Section Rookwood Cemetery .  interred with husband. She married James Thomson , married 12 Dec 1900 in Dunedin , New Zealand , b. ABT 1867 in Glasgow , Scotland , occupation Plumber, d. 29 Mar 1935 in Sydney , Australia .  James: Plumber. Ded at Fivedock, Sydney 27th March 1935 aged 64 years and buried Rookwood Cemetery .  Residence at death 63 Regatta Road ,Fivedock, Sydney .


            151.   i.     Isabella MacKenzie Thomson b. 8 Sep 1901.

            152.   ii.    Living Thomson .

            153.   iii.   Annie Miller Thomson b. 1909.

            154.   iv.   Jessie Roberta Thomson b. 13 Jul 1910.

                      v.    Living Thomson .  He married Living MacNamarra .

            155.   vi.   Frederick Archibald Thomson b. 1 Dec 1917.

101.  Hugh MacKenzie Melville , b. 11 Oct 1876 in Ulladulla, NSW, Australia, occupation Stationmaster, d. APR 1931 in Chatswood, Sydney, NSW, Australia.  Approx. D. Date. Place of birth given by Richard Snedden as Ulladulla. Stationmaster at Sydney Station (Railways Department). Listed in Directories in late 1910s and early 1920s as Stationmaster a tBathhurst. He married Elizabeth May Service , married 16 Mar 1904 in Scot's Church, Sydney ,Australia , b. 7 Aug 1880 in Woolloomooloo, NSW, Australia , d. 18 Feb 1962 in Lindfield, Sydney , NSW, Australia .  Elizabeth : Funeral service held in St Luke's Presbyterian Church, Roseville , Sydney and Northern Suburbs Crematorium.


            156.   i.     Hugh James Melville b. 28 Dec 1904.

            157.   ii.    Amy Joyce Melville b. 26 Jul 1914.

102.  William Charles Melville , b. 22 Mar 1878 in Ulladulla, NSW, Australia, occupation Railway Employee, d. 17 Jul 1945 in Ashfield, Sydney, Australia. Died at Branxton Private Hospital . Informant J.V.Tubman, son-in-law. Paymaster, NSW Railways. Known as Billy. Late of 2 Pearce St. , Coogee, Sydney . Cause of death arteric sclerosis. Cremated and interred at Rookwood Cemetery , Sydney . On father's will dated 2nd Aug. 1911William described as 'Clerk, Chief Accountants Office, Railways'. He married Mabel Maud Ferrara Martin , married 1906 in Sydney , Australia , b. 7 Apr 1884, d. 25 Jul 1949 inRandwick , NSW, Australia .


            158.   i.     Emma Mabel Melville b. 5 Oct 1906.

                      ii.    Isabella Mackenzie Melville , b. 14 Feb 1908 in Kogarah, NSW Australia, d. 2 Oct 1975 in Ryde, NSW, Australia .  Married - no children. She married William Henry James Holder Harper , married 23 Aug 1941 in Burwood, NSW, Australia , b. 26 Nov 1908 in St John's Church , Campsie, Sydney , Australia , d. 13 Jul 1993 in Ryde, NSW, Australia .  William: Note received from Australia and from notes by Dorothy Tubman:  Harry Harper met James Tubman about 1926.  They became good friends as they played partnership tennis together at Dulwich Hall. Harry and Jim went on holiday to ' Goodnight Island ' on the South Coast near Greenwell point where they met Jean Melville and her friend Lois Fleming in the Guest House.  After their holiday Jim,  Jean and Harry went to Lois's place to look at holiday photos.  Jean and Lois worked together in the office at the State Rail Authority and they asked Harry and Jim to an office dance.  Harry met Jean's sister Isabel and a relationship was formed.  As a result Harry and Isabel married in1941, Jim and Jean married in 1936 and Lois Fleming married her first cousin Philip Manton.

            159.   iii.   Mabel Jean Rosamond Melville b. 2 Aug 1909.

            160.   iv.   William Sydney Melville b. 10 Jul 1911.

            161.   v.    Olive MacKenzie Melville b. 8 Feb 1913.

                      vi.   Robert Lorraine Melville , b. 14 May 1917 in Orange, NSW, Australia, d. 16 Jul 1942 in Killed, WW11, Europe.  Killed in Battle of Britain plane crash. No. 4000637. Denmark .

103.  Hector Pope Melville , b. 10 Apr 1880 in East Milton, NSW, Australia , d. 30 Nov 1949 in Sydney , Australia .  Pupil Teacher 1897. Trained 1901. Assistant Teacher 1902 - 1908 at various schools - Camdenville, Gardener's Road, Fort Street , Bathurst , Wollongong . Principal - Narrabi(1917), Forbes(1918), Cessnock(1923).Inspector 1924. Retired 1944. Employed work connected Teachers' Residences Committee 1944-46. Given on death certificate as 'Inspector, Department of Education'.  Death reported by son, J.A.Melville.  Members of the Royal Life Saving Society requested to attend his funeral.   On leaving Forbes Intermediate High School in 1923 itis reported in the school newspaper, 'The Acacia' that he received many expressions of thanks and good wishes and also gifts where present to himself and his wife. He married Beatrice Lillian Arey , married 28 Sep 1910 in Orange , NSW, Australia , b. 13 Jun 1882 in Orange , NSW, Australia , occupation Teacher, d. 17 Aug 1956 in Sydney , Australia .  Beatrice: Cremated 20 August 1956 at Rookwood Crematorium, Sydney.


            162.   i.     James Hector Melville b. 18 Aug 1911.

            163.   ii.    Robert Pope Melville b. 24 May 1913.