Cathel Melville  1914 - 1945

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Cathel was a butcher to trade and butcher van driver and salesman at time of marriage. He was an active sportsman playing football to a high level in Sutherland and in the Army and also a very proficient Billiards player. A Sergeant in the Scots Guards he was killed in WW11. Cathel is buried in a war grave at Oldenbugh, Sage British Cemetery 13 miles south of Oldenburgh in Germany.




Joey Angus later Joey Melville second right in back row with Ben Bhraggie Hotel staff.

Above Cathel Melville and Joey Angus on their wedding day and below with Bestman (Cecil Melville) and Bridesmaid (Greta Angus).

Joey and Cathel, with son David, on one of his leave periods back to Golspie.


In above picture Cathel third left front row and below he is centre of front row in white shirted team.

Note the famous Sir Matt Busby is in the opposing team.


Cathel second left in the back row and in lower picture on extreme left of middle row.





Temporary  and Permanent Graves

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