Melville Clan

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Janettus  (Neddie) Melville


Neddy Melville posing for the camera at home and in Italy in 1944

Neddie Melville receiving a gift at
        the Firemen's Party.

Neddie is 2nd from right in this picture taken at Firemen's Christmas party.

Receiving a gift at Firemen's party


George Melville (Wordy), wife Jessie, son Don and daughter Jessie with Bessie Sutherland.   George Melville with Danny MacKenzie


Left picture: Jess, George, Ian (in arms), John and Barry Melville.  Right picture: Don, George and Jess Melville and Audrey and Barbara Bulloch (ms Melville).


Left Cathel Melville and to the right Cathel and Dodo Melville and Melville Hope

Melville Hope and a friend

George Melville, in the suit, with a Golspie Sutherland WW11 football team


Two pictures of Cecil Melville in Italy.  Cecil on left of group picture


Cecil meets up in Italy with Willie Murray and Patty Thomson

Back; Annabella (Annie) Melville (Ross), Annie Melville (later Lannon), Chrissie Hope (Melville)

Front:  Cathel Melville, Dodo Melville and Melville Hope taken at Culmaily.



Alexandrina Melville and husband Charles Wilson.



Left to Right: Donnie Allan, Neddy Melville, Johnnie Melville, Hector MacDonald and Willie Melville


Jimmy Melville in the Scouts and Willie, Anne and Jimmy Melville

Jimmy Melville's 70th birthday

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